Jem – Self Introduction

Jem - Self Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Jem and I am currently living in Seoul.
I am making this blog with my partner in crime, Alesia, with whom I like to take many adventures!
The purpose of our blog is to introduce various fun activities in Korea, as well as fantastic Korean makeup shops, products, fashion and more!

I first visited Korea in 2008 when I was an exchange student through a program called USAC. I was attending Yonsei University in Sinchon for 5 months until I had to return to the States. I fell in love with Korea.

I came back in 2009, this time for a year at Ewha Womans University. This time I studied very hard and didn’t have as much time to hang out, but my Korean certainly improved.

Now I’ve decided that I want to stay here in Korea permanently. It’s my second home. ❤

I am personally a fan of Korean cafes and cosmetic lines Etude House and The Face Shop. Can’t go wrong with skirt leggings. Love to dress up!

More to come! ❤

– Jem


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