Alesia- Self Introduction


Hello everyone! My name is Alesia and I am currently living in Seoul.
Sorry for the late intro. Better late than never. haha
I first became interested in Korean culture in high school around 2005. The first time I came to Korea was in 2009 I spent a year attending Songang University as an exchange student. The time I spent here was life changing and caused me to have deep connection with this country. When I left I cried like a baby not knowing when I could return.

I finally made it back in 2012 for my summer vacation after graduating university. Again leaving made me cry like a baby. lol Following my departure I spent some months at home job hunting and trying to decide what to do with my future. Then I realized my future is in Korea so hurried and completed the necessary documents to become an English teacher.

So here I am and just like Jem I’ve decided that I want to stay here in Korea permanently or at least that’s the plan. haha

In this blog I’d like to contribute anything and everything from reviews, places to shop, things to do, and I think most importantly a few interesting and helpful episodes about life in Korea.

Please look forward to it!




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