My First Dye Job!?



I decided to give it a go and dye my hair for the first time.

I traveled to Cheongdam-dong (Gangnam area of Seoul) to have it done, as a friend of a friend was working there.

I had never dyed my hair in my life until now, but I thought ombre would be a good choice due to its low maintenance. I found out first that ombre is simply referred to as “two-tone” in Korean.

imageShe started by bleaching my hair. BLEACH! What! Instead of adding color, she was simply removing it. I’m a natural strawberry blonde, so removing the color from my already-light hair took no more than 5 minutes. This photo was right after I was shampooed.


Here we go with the bleaching! I’m contacting aliens. This is work in progress…

imageBefore the big reveal, I have to include the before picture.

My hair was already permed, so it is curly compared to my natural thin, stringy sad hair. Let’s see it after the work!


It was hard to capture on camera, but as you can see there is now a nice, subtle gradient in my hair. I was surprised how much I liked the color, but I wasn’t a big fan of how she styled it after. It was also feeling a little dry which they warned me of. But I’ve never been this blonde! I was feeling fresh!

imageAnd lastly, we have to top it off with the car selfie. I was trying to get a good shot, but this was the best I could find. All in all, I feel pretty satisified with the result.

It wasn’t too drastic for my first time dying my hair and for that I’m relieved. However I do feel bright and ready for summer!


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