Sky Garden 하늘공원 – World Cup Stadium


During the long holiday weekend, I took a trip with my man to ‘하늘공원’ or ‘Sky Garden’ which I had heard about many times before.

It is located near the World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong. As you can see, there are three gardens in this area.

Sky Garden is 1.5 kilometers from the entrance (and uphill) making it a difficult walk. They charge 2,000 for a roundtrip (or 1,000 one way) per person on a small trolley.

It was very crowded during the holiday, so we waited 15 minutes for the trolley. It can hold a maximum of 7 people. (8 people including the driver)

They have two separate tickets for going up and coming down, so take note of this.

When we reached the top I saw why it’s called Sky Garden.image

We have a high high high city view of Seoul. This is only the entrance where the train drops us off!


imageWow, this place is wide and open. It is definitely a peaceful atmosphere.

imageStop for a photo op. Feeling pretty in the garden.


A collection of birdhouses.



We both felt like posing.


Feeling like we’re in the sky!

Couldn’t ignore this adorable stray cat either.image

Hi cutie!


A great view of the Han River. You do start to feel like you are high up!



Locks with wishes that couples and families left behind. There is a creative metal structure in the middle of the park. I tried to snap a picture but the wait was too long. I got a shot from far away. It came out pretty cool!

You can climb up this unique structure.


imageWe had a nice day! Next time I definitely want to bring some food and have a picnic. It feels like the perfect place to do it!

That’s all for Sky Garden today! ❤


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