Etude House A-Z Mask Packs 에뛰드하우스 내 피부를 부탁해 알파벳 마스크

imageSorry for this frightening first photo! Have you heard of Etude House’s mask pack redesign?

They have now turned their mask packs into an alphabet – each letter corresponds to the ingredients in the pack.

For Example:

A – is for Aloe (알로에) for reducing the appearance of redness in the skin. (수분진정)

B – is for Bulgarian Rose for brightening the appearance of your skin. (환한피부)

C – is for Collagen (콜라겐) for firming the skin. (탱탱탄력)

They have all the letters from A to Z!

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 8.09.39 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 8.17.08 PM

A shot of the entire alphabet!

Let’s Continue:

D – is for Dandelion. [Revitalizing]

E – is for Elder Flower [Soothing and Moisturizing] – recommended for redness.

F – is for Fig [Purifying]

G – is for Green Tea [Moisture and Relief]

H – is for Hyaluronic Acid [Deep Moisturizing] – recommended for dry skin.

I – is for Immortelle [Energizing and Moisturizing] – Jem’s Recommendation!

J – is for Job’s Tears [Revitalizing and Smoothing]

K – is for Korean Ginseng [Revitalizing and Nourishing] – Note: smells like ginseng! It is the one I am wearing above.

L – is for Lemon [Clarifying]

M – is for Mango [Nourishing and Firming] – Jem’s Recommendation!

N – is for Noni [Revitalizing] – Jem’s Recommendation!

O – is for Olive [Deep Moisture] – good in winter.

P – is for Pomegranate [Smooth Elasticity]

Q – is for Q 10 -[Tightening and Firming]

R – is for Royal Jelly [Smooth Hydration]

S – is for Shea Butter [Richly Nourishing]

T – is for Tea Tree [Trouble Acne] – recommended for acne.

U – is for Unpolished Rice [Firming and Nourishing] – gives you that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling!

V – is for Vitamin Complex [Radiating Skin] …really?

W – is for White Pearl [Bright Complexion] – true story, people say “You’re glowing!”

X – is for Xylitol Forest [Clean Moisture]

Y – is for Yogurt Strawberry [Soft and Moist] – I do not like this smell!

Z – is for Zucchini [Nourishing and Moisturizing]

I’ve tried almost all of these, but my favorite seem to be Mango and Immortelle.

Both smell great! I put them on before doing my makeup and my makeup goes on smoothly.

Which ones do you want to try?

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 8.31.32 PM



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