Clean Sweep – a look into Jem’s house!

Clean Sweep

A Spring Look at Organizing in Seoul Spaces

I was featured in Seoul Magazine after being interviewed by a friend (Deanne who is named below) who took some photos of my house. It’s true – I’m obsessed with organizing. The rest of the article can be found here:

Here’s a copy of the article and peek into my house!

Written by Deanne Nguyen


 Spring-cleaning: the sound of wind chimes to some but the din of blue bells to others. In the wake of the big seasonal scrub-down, which is likely to take longer than you think, it’s time to consider, out of laziness (or efficiency!), if and how we can avoid it altogether.

Worldly origins

Top-to-bottom clean-outs have mixed origins, depending the region of the world, but they all seem based around the arrival of spring. In an older, vacuum-less time with coal-heated homes, windows and doors were kept closed in cold weather for heat conservation, meaning certain types of cleaning had to be suspended. So in Korea, where such an indoor-inducing winter exists, spring-cleaning is a necessity in order to dust off the devils of winter.

Adapted approaches

However, there are some out there who don’t just do spring cleaning, but something else known as “daily tidying,” each with their own variations.

Enter the spotless loft of Dean and Jem, which they maintain “little by little”—everyday. “We both are really clean to begin with,” laughs Jem (aren’t we all). Dean adds a-matter-of-factly, “It [the apartment] just tells me what needs to be cleaned.” While they’ve “never had an argument over cleaning,” their closets are another matter. “I don’t buy or keep things I don’t use or need,” says Dean. However, Jem’s take is to “cram it all in and try to make it work.” And pink, lots of pink. Safe to say, each still has their own domain.



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