Loving ModCloth

I’m absolutely in love with the online store, ModCloth.

As many of you know, their clothes are a little pricey. However, every once and a while they do have fantastic sales and I’m able to get the ones I like for much cheaper!

When I do make a purchase from ModCloth, these dresses seem to be special. I always get compliments on them. 

Today I want to share a few loves from ModCloth:


Bookmaking Brunch Dress, USD 54.99



Pleats and Punch skirt, USD 42.99



Botanical Occasion Dress, USD 69.99


Hepcat Dress in Clover, USD 49.99


Gilded Grace Dress, USD 139.99

A cheap wedding dress or reception dress! How gorgeous is this!


Bonus: These heels. Chai Steppin’ Heels. A little high, but cute!

Chai Steppin’ Heels, USD 39.99


Are you a fan of ModCloth?


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