DERMADOCTOR MED e TATE® Antiperspirant Wipes

I’m a believer!

Summer is coming and there’s a (pricey) little product that I believe in.

DERMADOCTOR’s  MED e TATE® Antiperspirant Wipes 




You can use these together with regular deodorant/antiperspirant but many people use only the wipes in place of deodorant. WHAT!

Not only for underarms, you can use these wipes anywhere. I originally found them because someone recommended wiping it on my face before applying makeup. I applied it on my wedding day and you know that makeup needs to stay all day. 

It’s useful for makeup application, underarms, the neck, the back, the … where do you sweat!? o_o

Despite the effectiveness, the issue here is price. They retail on for 

10 Packets – $19.00 USD

30 Packets – $48.00 USD (!!!)


So I would use them sparingly.




The price we pay to not be a sweaty mess …

I’ll close with some more information with them. If you are interested, they are available at (ships to Korea!)


What it is:
Medicated hyperhidrosis-control wipes in handy single packettes that create a blissfully dry existence.

What it does:
Med-e-tate your way to a blissfully dry existence with a technique so simple, it simply requires the stroke of a towelette. With a patent-pending formulation that contains the most recent antiperspirant therapy—which includes a blend of agents that mimic the effects of Botox Cosmetic when applied topically—this product alleviates the need for cumbersome anti-sweating devices, such as ineffective topical prescriptions, drowsiness-inducing Rx meds, and costly and painful Botox Cosmetic injections or invasive surgery. This product contains the highest potency antiperspirant available and contains botanicals to help maximize dryness. The harmonious union of dermatologist-recommended antiperspirant therapy and innovative “needle-free” technology, replaces a perspiration-filled reality with a supremely dry state of consciousness. The individual packettes easily fit into purse or pocket for discrete use whenever needed.


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