Jeonju Adventures Part 1


Hey everybody! I’m back from Jeonju, South Korea. It was my first time to go there! I had heard many things about Jeonju before.

For example. Jeonju is famous for the Korean dishes ‘Bibimbab 비빔밥’ and ‘Bean Sprout Rice Soup 콩나물국밥’. Jeonju is located in Jeolla-do, a province in Korea known for its unique dishes.

One highlight of Jeonju is the 전주한옥마을 or Jeonju Korean Traditional Hanok Village. The houses are traditional Korean houses known as ‘hanok’. Many of these hanok are even guesthouses, so you can even stay for the night!

We asked one of these places for a room, and it seems they were charged 90,000 won for a one night stay. (!)


Here’s a photo of my man posing along the main street when we arrived. CROWDED!image

People. people everywhere! We went on June 6th, which is Korean Memorial Day. Many people don’t work on this day, so you can guess that the village was packed!


Random door pose.


Tried to be cute and take a selfie, when I was suddenly photobombed by *somebody* … As you can see, there are hanok behind us.image

I’m walking down one of the back alleys in the village. This is the coolest part. It’s like an endless maze of these buildings. Lots of beautiful places to take photos in front of.image



Playing pretty. I wasn’t the only one. I saw quite a few girls all dressed up just to take photos in front of the hanok.

Heels , glitter, and all!image

Walking around the village I found this fun little place. ALCOHOL MUSEUM! Specifically, Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum. You can see how the different alcohols are made, and even try making it yourself.

These experiences run around 10-12,000 won and it seems they are only held on Saturdays. Do you want to make your own soju?image


A few snaps from inside the museum!image

Next, we found a shop selling some unique food. Wow, Jeonju does have many things I have not seen before in Korea. We found goat’s milk yogurt, pig potato (?!) tea, ginseng noodles, a Korean traditional wine called ‘moju’ and more!image

Happy with his goat yogurt!?image

How adorable.image

The potato tea known as ‘구비구비’ tea.image

This seems to be a drink from Jeonju, as I had never heard of it before. It is like a ‘makgeolli’ (rice wine) mixed with ‘hanyak’ (Korean traditional medicine). The color is brown and it does have an herbal taste. If you have ever tried hanyak, the taste is much closer to that. Is it good? Not my style. But men seemed to be drinking it up!


What is this? I was curious when I saw the bottle. It says it is a drink made from tree sap. Okay, sounds fine and it looks light. I take a sip and it tastes like a food I loathe – raisins. But if you like raisins, then this is for you!imageLast for this post, the highlighting feature! HOMEMADE CHOCOPIES! (And random little girl looks at me like I’m crazy) If you know Chocopie 초코파이, it is a beloved treat in Korea. These are the homemade version and much softer than their boxed counterparts. Wonderful! Very sweet and I can feel the sugar running through me. We bought 10. Ate those up. End of story!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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