iHerb.com (Ships to South Korea!)

Have you ever heard of iHerb.com? It is going in popularity with both Koreans and foreigners living in Korea. They are a site selling organic food and beverages, skin care products, baby care products, vitamins and more. Even better, the prices are completely reasonable!

On this site I purchase my favorite brand of tea, Numi Tea, for LESS than the cost at the actual website. It’s nearly 2 dollars less.


Here is a better photo of all of the categories:


I found this website when I was looking for a place to buy coconut oil. They don’t sell it on the shelves like in the States. Someone pointed me in the direction of this site and I couldn’t believe the price. Not sure which product to get? I usually check the reviews and see what people say. It *usually* points me in the right direction. (Every time? Nope, I bought powdered spirulina and that was a mistake for my mouth. Ewww…)


Some coconut oil options.

It depends on what you’d like, but there are many great things to check out.

They ship to other countries as well. I hope this information can help you!


One thought on “iHerb.com (Ships to South Korea!)

  1. Yes, i was over the moon as well when I found that iherb shipped to Korea ^^ they have really good discounts for first time buyers. I was able to do my master cleanse because of this site !

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