Sabal (사발) Noodles

I went with my man for brunch in Hongdae yesterday. Someone recommended a restaurant called ‘Sabal’ to us. Sabal (though oddly it sounds like a curse word in Korean…) is a famous restaurant nestled in a back alley near the front gate of Hongik University. It is famous for noodles (국수)  and using high-quality ingredients. Okay, let’s try it!


The sign in the front of the store. Menu is out there! They are famous for chicken guksu! (noodles!)image

First I got this delicious, tiny porridge… tastes like sweet potatoes with cinnamon? It was yummy. Sad to say, it was also the most delicious thing I had here. It was served cold – most likely due to the hot weather.

Here are the noodles! The chicken noodles were alright … nothing amazing. The broth taste was very clean though.image

We also has Soybean Rice with Vegetables. Spectacular? No. Many vegetables? Yes. Tasting fresh? For sure.

However, I wasn’t impressed with this place at all. As healthy as it tastes, it was not as good as I hoped.



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