My Day at Kyunghui Palace (경희궁)

I’m currently on my vacation, and I was finally able to make one of my dreams come true.

I just wanted to get on the bus and get off at the first interesting thing I saw. I finally did it! It was a great choice!
I was heading into Gwanghwamun when I saw a traditional Korean structure. I had often passed by this wondering what it was. Now that I was listening closely, I realized the stop was called ‘Seoul Museum of History’. That’s where I want to go!


But believe it or not – I didn’t go to the museum. On the way in, I saw signs for Kyunghui Palace. I had heard of it before, but I had never been there. It was a rainy day, so I wandered outside while most people stayed in.

Wow, there it was. Just in the middle of the courtyard was the palace. It was a real Korean palace. The interesting thing was – absolutely no one was there. I guess due to the rain not many people were outside.

I walked over to the entrance and read the historical information. A random man did walk by and offered to take my picture. Thank you sir! (Turns out he was an English teacher. Best part of traveling alone? Talking to totally cool strangers)


Here it is! What an awesome sight! Of course it is much smaller than the other palaces. However, it’s fairly close to Kyeongbuk Palace (the most famous one in Seoul)





The whole palace all to myself …unbelievable. I just sat down a long time to enjoy the nature.


Inside one of the structures.image

A view from the palace looking towards the city. I tried to imagine what this view might have looked like back then.image

Photo time!image

imageAll in all, it  was an amazing experience.

I got to enjoy history all to myself. To go to a historic site and have it not bustling with tourists … amazing. I could really enjoy it. I felt like I was in one of those historical dramas.

I can’t forget this awesome experience.


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