Etude House – Lip Gel Patch

While I was shopping around, I was looking for new (but cheap!) things to buy.

As you know, I love mask packs, but they are making packs for all kinds of places on your body these days.

Adding to that list, they also make LIP PATCHES! Woohoo! I’ve never tried it, so I picked up one from Etude House.

As you can see, the price is 2,500 won for one pack. Roughly 2.50 USD. This is going to look funny.image

I’m going to get cherry lips!image

Well the image is cute…


Here are some original lips before the pack!



Oh dear … my skin is not that great today, so please forgive me. DOESN’T THIS PACK LOOK AWESOME!?image

And after the pack.image

Looking a little bit pinker and flushed…image


And with my whole face…

Conclusion: Isn’t lip balm easier to achieve the same look?

I’d recommend other strategies for plumping and refreshing your lips. 

Hey, it was worth a try!




4 thoughts on “Etude House – Lip Gel Patch

  1. Cute post – I have seen these on beautynetkorea and wondered what they were like, did this feel nice when you left it on?

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