Teazen Tea Time

I am enjoying my funny new tea which I picked up from LOHB’s Health and Beauty Store.

These cute little teas bags are produced by Teazen, teazen.co.kr

You can’t help but being attracted by the names. Gangnam Sauna? I am very curious. Oh happy day? What does a happy day taste like!?

They normally sell them in full boxes, but finally this store was selling the flavors in different packages. Time to try them out. I love my little Gangnam Sauna tea bag.

It tastes like lemon!image

Time to try the other ones as well!image

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.17.11 PM

Gangnam Sauna was the most delicious!

Let’s talk about flavors:

Gangnam Sauna: Lemon Blended Mate Tea

Oh Happy Day: Champagne Darjeeling

Happy Company: Herb Coffee

First Love: Strawberry Black Tea

Forest Tea Cafe: Orange Rooibos

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