Halloween Carving!

Everyone! Halloween has come to Korea!
A friend of mine found a little shop that sells pumpkins, so we decided to decorate the cafe with pumpkins this year!

I was very excited because Jinki hasn’t never tried it before. These pumpkins were HUGE. HUGEEEE!

So instead of buying four individual pumpkins, we bought two large ones (one for her couple, one for ours) and carved on opposite sides. Jinki and I chose simple faces and Kyndra (friend!) and her husband chose more complicated designs. Either way, both came out really successful! Soooo happy! image

Let the games begin.image

I’m in Phase 2 – drawing. Minkyu is still in Phase 1 – “What should I make…?”image

The carving begins!image

Oh my goodness, I’m finally getting somewhere!image

My pumpkin all lit up! ❤imageJinki’s pumpkin hanging out by the front window of the cafe!


Pose!imageCouple shot!


Minkyu made the Kakao cat!image

On display!image

Kyndra’s pumpkin all lit up too! ❤image


The pumpkins lasted about a week, but now they’ve gone to pumpkin heaven …

We had a great year pumpkins! See you next time!


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