Kimchi Making Festival 2014

2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival

2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival

Phone +82-2-120
Date(s) 2014-11-14 ~ 2014-11-16

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is hosting the 2014 Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival. The festival was organized with the purpose of promoting and revitalizing “kimjang culture,” which was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013 but has been gradually disappearing from the lives of Koreans.

Kimjang is a traditional Korean event where kimchi is made and shared. Listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, it is a unique part of Korean food culture.

Kimjang is the process of preparing and preserving large amounts of kimchi to last through the winter. Kimchi is a spicy vegetable dish made with unique Korean seasonings and seafood and preserved in a unique way. According to historical records, Koreans were eating kimchi as far back as 760 years ago. Transcending class and regional differences, kimchi is a staple of almost all Korean meals. A bowl of rice and kimchi is all that is needed to make a simple meal. However, kimchi is a dish that is always present, even at the most luxurious banquets.
① Making and Sharing, Kimjang
② The History and Future of Kimchi at a Glance (exhibition)
③ Making My Own Kimchi (experience)
④ Tasting and Purchasing Kimchi (market and tasting centers)
⑤ Kimchi-themed Cultural Programs (culture).

The festival is the largest “Kimchi Making” festival to date, with over 6,000 participants joining in the making of 255 tons of kimchi.
– Nov 14th (Fri) ~ Nov 16th(Sun), 3 Days
Location : Seoul Plaza(11.14~16), Cheonggye Plaza (11.14)

The History and Future of Kimchi at a Glance
○ “Kimjang, The Wisdom of Time > (Gwanghwamun Plaza) : his exhibit will showcase various and rare types of kimchi, such as kimchi that was served at royal meals and temples and kimchi made by jongbu, the wife of the master of a family clan.
○ “Jongga (the family of the master of a clan)-inherited Fermented Food” (Gwanghwamun Plaza) : How Kimchee recipes were passed down from one generation to another without written recipes

Making My Own Kimchi
○ Kimjang classes

You can experience what it is like to make your own kimchi.
How to Register : Sign up on the 2014 Seoul Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival Homepage and pay the \20,000 Fee
– Contact : Seoul City Office ☎02-2133-4709
○ Free Kimchi Classes
This is an event that the entire family can take part in together. .
○ Cooking classes on cooking trucks
You can also sign up for free classes that are available with children on the Seoul City homepage.

TASTING and centers tasting (market Kimchi Purchasing): 20% discounted cooking ware for making kimchi
○ FREE Kimchi samples
– Location : Seoul Plaza, Taepyeong-ro.
○ Over 20 different kinds of Kimchi booths will be set up
○ Location: Cheonggye Plaza

: Concert, Kimchi Art Project, Mothers’ Healing Program, Kimchi Race
Let’s get rid of this idea that Kimchi is just something to eat

  • 김장-천만의 버무림

    Kimjang: Making & Sharing

  • 반짝시장-문호리리버마켓

    Flash Market – Bling Flea Market

  • 김장재료-무

    Ingredients for Kimchi

  • 2014서울김장문화제 포스터

    2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival


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