TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) 2015 Dates

Have you been studying Korean for some time and interested in taking a test to find out your skills?

Maybe you have heard of the TOPIK Test, also known as the Test of Proficiency in Korean.

They offer two levels: Beginner (Level I), and Intermediate/Advanced (Level II).

Recently, the scoring system has changed.

I’d like to post the dates for the 2015 TOPIK, provided by

They are an amazing resource if you are preparing for this test.

If you are planning to take the TOPIK test (Test of proficiency in Korean) in 2015, here are all the details of the TOPIK test schedule in year 2015 for you. In 2015, TOPIK will be held 6 times – twice in Korea only (in January & July) and 4 times in Korea and overseas (in March, April, October and November). So there will be 6 TOPIK tests in 2015:- 38th TOPIK, 39th TOPIK, 40th TOPIK, 41st TOPIK, 42nd TOPIK and 43rd TOPIK. For other details on this test like Test structure, application process etc. you can read this post: TOPIK – The Complete Guide.

To understand TOPIK Levels and Passing scores you can check this post – New TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks.

For various other resources for TOPIK test preparation, check this page – TOPIK GUIDE: Best Tips and Resources.

For the details of test sites and institutions to register for the TOPIK test in different countries check this POST.

For further details about TOPIK test in your country please contact the local Korean embassy.

Exam Test Date Registration Date Results Remarks
38thTOPIK January 18, 2015 2014.12.08 – 2014.12.17 February 13 In Korea Only
39thTOPIK March 21-22, 2015 2015.01.26 – 2015.02.04 May 06 Korea + Overseas
40thTOPIK April 25-26, 2015 2015.02.16 – 2015.02.25 June 16 Korea + Overseas
41stTOPIK July 19, 2015 2015.06.08 – 2015.06.17 August 14 In Korea Only
42ndTOPIK October 17-18, 2015 2015.08.03 – 2015.08.12 November 27 Korea + Overseas
43rdTOPIK November 14-15, 2015 2015.09.14 – 2015.09.23 December 30 Korea + Overseas

**Registration dates may vary country to country. Please check with your country’s affiliated institution or contact local Korean embassy.

**Result announcement will be at 15:00 (Korean Time) on the above dates on the official TOPIK website (

For further details you can contact Korean Embassy in your country or visit the official TOPIK website:

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