Icy Winter Nails ♡

Hello everyone! This is Jem!

We are just two days away from Christmas and I’m sure you are busy getting prepared. I feel like I’ve barely gotten anything done o_o!

I came home to my hometown in New Jersey for the Christmas break! This will be my last time coming home to my hometown. My parents decided to move to Hawai’i after this, so starting from next year, it’s Christmas in warm weather.

Of course, even in warm weather, you can feel the Christmas spirit! Usually during the Christmas season, red is the popular choice for nail color. Red, gold, silver … I usually went this way too. But to celebrate winter itself, I went with blue this year. But I couldn’t stop there. GIVE ME GLITTER, ALL THE GLITTER!

I got blue mood-changing polish with rainbow glitter on top. ❤ When I’m cold, the nails are dark blue. When I’m warm, they are a light blue. And when I’m somewhere in between, the tips are dark blue and the bottom is light.


Haha, and yes, done up in Walmart.image

Light blue with a little blue tip!imageMostly light blue …

I wanted to include some inspiration for viewers out there for some nail ideas. ❤ Here come the icy winter nails!


If you are not a fan of the blue, this is a nice subtle way to go! ^^

 winter2 winter3 winter4 winter5 winter6

I’ve never tried but this polish looks fun!

Keeping it cool… gorgeous blue color!



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