♡ Quality Time


Just spending some quality time with my man after work. In my classroom there is an awesome speaker system, so after work we like to turn it into a singing room. ♡ Good times!

To those who are curious, his name is Jin but these days he goes by his English name Dean. We’ve been together since 2009.

There’s several stories to the way we met.

I originally met him when I was introduced to him by his roommate, Will.

Now how did I meet Will? Well one day while riding on the bus in Honolulu with my Korean friend Minhye (who had just arrived in Hawaii not long before) when she spotted that the guy across from us had Choco-pies in his shopping bag. (Yes, the Orion ones!) We were trying to have a conversation, but she kept glancing over at the Chocopies. She was a little homesick and I think she was craving one pretty hard~ XD Well the random stranger took notice and suddenly said “Do you…want a Chocopie?”

She didn’t even hesitate to take the Chocopie from a stranger. But due to the funny situation, we struck up a conversation with the guy. It turns out he attended the same school as me back in Korea, and enjoyed studying Korean himself. You wouldn’t guess that at first glance as he looked like a regular military guy. After talking, we just parted ways and didn’t think anything of it.

About a week later I went to school-organized Korean/English language exchange and was very surprised. There he was! Turns out he was also a student at the same school. We met again and got to talking, when he introduced me to his roommate Jin.

It wasn’t love at first sight or anything… we played it cool and we were just friends for a few weeks. Sometime in April, it was Jin’s birthday. He invited me to his birthday party along with many others. We’re all drinking and having a good time… but when it came time to say goodbye, we gave each other a hug.

It was a weird hug. Vibes… feeling the vibes. Am I crazy!? But I ignored that there was some kind of weird spark and we just carried on as friends.

Later in April is also my birthday. My awesomely sweet bestest friend and roommate Amanda had planned a surprise party for me. Just a small, intimate party but Jin was there. We started drinking … (Soju, oh my god soju… o___o) And started playing the image game. This is a game where someone makes a statement “Who do you think will get married first?” … count 1,2,3 and everyone points to their answer. The person with the most fingers pointed at them has to drink. It’s very fun but tread lightly! LOL!

Someone had asked “Who is Jem most likely to date?” At the time, I am pretty sure I was … phewwww… gone but apparently I pointed at him myself and he had to drink. I guess he took this as a sign, took a swig of liquid courage, and planted a kiss on me. OKAY. BOOM. Couldn’t ignore the sparks that time. I think it was that feeling that people talk about. ‘Electricity’!?

It was a very funny start, but at least it has a happy ending! ❤

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