An Adventure to 곤지암 Resort

Twice a year, we have a get-together with Jin and his friends as well as their significant others. These days, the group is growing bigger and bigger as some friends get married and now have children! This year we went to the same place we traveled to last winter – Gonjiam Resort (곤지암 리조트) located about an hour and  half out of Seoul. Last year, I joined too late so I couldn’t really enjoy the resort. This time, I was able to take a nice leisure walk around in the morning. Ahhh, fresh air! Sorry about some of these blurry pictures!image Sorry, we were driving so it’s blurry – here’s the front gate!image We got to the resort – do you SEE this lobby?image Are we sure this didn’t just jump out of a magazine?image All lit up! image We had a nice dinner at a restaurant called B6ix. THIS STEAK. YUM. TASTES REAL. Why can’t Outback Steakhouse do this?imageNOM! image When we got back to the room, the boys went off to play games and GAMBLE. Woo! Who was the winner? Well, none of them looked happy in the end… lolimage All bundled up and ready to go out skiing (at 7AM!)imageBut first, a nice walk… image Outside shot of the resort.image image The sky was so clear this morning! And not cold – just breezy and refreshing!image The ladies took a trip to the sauna, and we hung around the room afterwards!image Uh oh, looks like the baby found out how to take selfies…image image Playing around…!image image Ladies all together – Ayano, Jungji, Jonghwa, Chaeun and I! ❤imageShiny day – bye everyone ❤

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