Saturday Night!

Sometimes Alesia, Bransen (the guy in the photos – and you may see him in other photos! He’s another friend from Hawai’i!) and I go out on Saturday nights for either crazy or mild fun. It was FREEZING on this night, we are talking so cold you feel it in your bones … so we turned in early.

However that didn’t stop us from having bingsu…image

Just some pretty lights outside of Hongik University’s gate.

We went to Mies Container – one of the most delicious places to eat pizza. NOMS. They have a very industrial concept, so they give you a little hardhat when you order.image

Hellz yes… NUMBA 1~!image

We ordered garlic fries as a little appetizer… they are not messing around with the garlic. GOD Now I need to brush my teeth!image

Lemon Beer – only 3,500! Yum! That has freshly squeezed lemon.image

Bacon potato pizza. Enjoy its glory. I believe the price is 17,000 for the pizza.image

Afterwards, I had a sweet craving and we impulsively ran into a little bakery called chocolatyum.

Look at these cute cookies! But I didn’t get a picture – they make an awesome little pecan pie.image

After we bought the goodies, we went for tea and dessert at Solbing. 설빙! Bransen and I!

imageAnd Alesia… as you can see, we are bundled up!

Good times, but I wish it was warmer! When is spring on its way!?


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