Free Traditional Medicine Experience!

Traditional Wisdom & Modern Technology

In order to cure and prevent from recurrence, Oriental medicine identifies each individual’s constitution and treats patients accordingly.

After detailed consultations,the doctor determines the patient’s bodily constitution and flow of gi.
The doctor then prescribes herbal medicine formulas, and non-surgical treatments like acupuncture and Chuna.

tOriental medicine creates a synergistic effect through effective integrative treatment.
Chuna therapy is a type of chiropractic treatment that uses acupuncture,herbal medicine, and sometimes performed with MRI, CT and other high-tech diagnostic devices. Eastern and Western medicine are combined to show remarkable achievements.

Oriental Medicine in our LivesOriental medicine, which can cure diseases without using a scalpel, is deeply rooted in the lives of the Korean people.

Medicinal herbs can be found in cosmetics, teas,massages, spa treatments and much more.

Chuna eases the tension on the spine,which is the column of the body, and the muscle, the source of strength, and also helps blood circulation.
It is a type of massage treatment that focuses on the meridian points.
Chuna Therapy
If gi, the source of human energy, doesn’t flow smoothly through the body, the body is prone to various diseases.
Accupuncture reduces pain by helping the flow of gi.
Oriental Esthetics
Various herbal treatments and herbal therapy, ultrasound therapy, and other advanced beauty therapy techniques are integrated for healthier and more beautiful results.
Feel your body getting younger through skincare and increasing your metabolism.
Herbal medicine uses various herbs proven to be effective. A different formula is prescribed according to patient’s symptoms.

Experience Oriental Medicine Program for Foreigners
Interested foreigners can now experience oriental medicine in a special program that will allow them to try the methods entirely free of charge.

Oriental Medicine Experience Announcement
▶       Time Period: Monday, September 22nd 2014 ~ Saturday, February 28th 2015.
▶       Monday ~ Saturday 10am to 7:30pm
▶       Place: Myeongdong Unesco Building 8th Floor, Experience Oriental Medicine Center
▶       For Foreign Visitors
▶       Experiences include acupuncture, whole body consultation, bath therapy and hanbok experience


4 thoughts on “Free Traditional Medicine Experience!

  1. Hey guys, we went there on Saturday at 3:15 and they were closed ㅠ they also had a sign up saying it finishes at 4:00 on the Saturday. Not sure if it’s always like that or just because it was Seolnal period, regardless they were still closed before their time anyways. ^^

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