Original Chicago Pizza♡

Kyndra and I went on a pizza adventure yesterday!

After a long wait, FINALLY ❤ we got to try the Original Chicago Pizza. It’s located between Hapjeong and Hongdae station, and it’s quite a famous place. Here’s a link to the restaurant’s site:


I’ll start off with a little snapshot we took on the street! (This is post-pizza-eating-deliciousness)


MENU! As you can see, it runs about 20,000 won for an 8-inch pizza – 6 slices. There were two of us, and yes – we ate all six slices. They do have another size up for 40,000 won a pie.

As it states, it takes about 20 minutes to come out.image

We also got beverages – Kyndra had a Chicago Orange Beer and I tried the Citronade. (I have a bit of a cold now… trying to fight it off!)image


This is fried eggplant with garlic aioli sauce. Very nice when hot! It has a bit of cayenne pepper on it?image



Check out the close-up. YES FINALLY.image

Cheese bomb.image

My happy face making the magic happen.image

Gooey, gooey cheese.image

If you upload a photo of your experience to Instagram or Facebook, you can receive a “milk pudding” for free.image

And our picture of course for evidence!

After that, we took a walk to Sang Sang Madang. If you are unfamiliar with this place, on the first floor, they have a little shop filled with many unique things.

Including this little guy here:


Adorable robot lamp!


And this notebook which doubles as a pillow. Perfect if you are thinking about slacking off in class.image

Tested and approved.image

Then we went all the way over to Chocolatyum (which I mentioned in last week’s post as well) SO CUTE! I’m surprised because the selection had changed from the last time. More delicious things to try. I got two walnut pies and a strawberry tart.image

Kyndra got a strawberry cake to bring to her mother-in-law. ^^image

Strawberry is the big thing here… ALL the strawberries!!imagePooh cookie,,,? *giggle giggle*

A delicious adventure in Hongdae!


4 thoughts on “Original Chicago Pizza♡

  1. i wish i can try chocolatyum. sounds like my kind of place. so jealous right now just by reading your posts 🙂 so glad to have bumped into your blog!

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