EXO – Overdose [MV]

I’m not a big follower of KPOP these days (come on now, it’s hard to keep up! ^^)

Nor am I an EXO fan exactly, but I saw this video and have to say – these guys can dance.

매력 있어용~ (^.^) So I tried to dance along … fail. Anyway, enjoy the song!
It’s not a new release, but I’m still enjoying it!


Asiana Air Sues to Keep Facial Hair Policy that Applies Only To Koreans

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What do you guys think about this? I think it does seem a bit unfair, but the policy was already in place. So the pilot violated the policy. Comment with your thoughts here!

Asiana Air Sues to Keep Facial Hair Policy that Applies Only To Koreans

South Korea’s Asiana Airlines is pretty serious about employees not sporting facial hair on the job. Yonhap reports today say the company has filed suit against the Korean National Labor Relations Commission in a fight to keep the policy in place.

Fair enough, the New York Yankees have had a no facial hair policy for decades as part of their brand image strategy. And while we can debate whether that’s fair or not, the core controversy surrounding the the Asiana policy is that it applies only to Korean employees.

According to company regulations, male workers at Asiana are forbidden from having facial hair–unless they are foreign born.

Last year, a Korean-born pilot took a stance against the regulation and came to work unshaven. His resistance escalated to the point that he refused the direct order of a company executive to shave.

The pilot was subsequently suspended 29 days for not lathering up.

He later took his case to the Korean National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) and last month they ordered Asiana to compensate the pilot for the hours lost.

South Korea’s 2nd largest carrier is now fighting back; not only against the ruling, but the no facial hair policy as well, which it feels is within its rights to implement.

Asiana Files Suit to Have Ruling Lifted

According to the Yonhap report, the company has filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Administrative Court calling on the NLRC to revoke its ruling that called for the airline to pay 3.2 million won ($2,765) in compensation to the suspended pilot.

Yonhap also reported that Asiana has no qualms with the nature of the no facial hair policy. The report quotes them as saying that “the nation’s human rights watchdog earlier determined there was nothing wrong with the company’s move and dress code.”

It was, however, just two years ago that Asiana finally surrendered its long-standing “no pants” policy for female flight attendants following a hard fought battle with the country’s National Human Rights Commission over what was then called a discriminatory dress code.

Where it stands and where it will go is up for speculation. Prevailing winds suggest that the airline might likely be fighting another losing labor battle.

Regardless of your feelings on this issue and whether private enterprise has the right to set standards for appearance, it is interesting to note that nearly all of Korea’s most cherished historical heroes wore beards.

They would have never been able to work for Asiana. Or play for the Yankees.

삼양목장 Samyang Ranch – Our trip to Pyeongchang!

Are you ready for a total bomb of photos?

You’ll be here all day!

For Kyndra’s birthday, we went to Pyeongchang (home of the future 2018 Olympics!) to a sheep ranch. It was HUGE.

Hugeeeee… but it was so nice to get some fresh air.image

The birthday girl!image

Official sign!image

While wandering along, we finally found a place to eat on the way. The guy was so nice and welcoming to us!imageTime for some Makguksu!image

The lovely couple~image

Duruchimi – cold radish water!image

Oh crap… what was this called?image

Ohhh yes, here come the noodles!  Continue reading

Linus BBQ in Itaewon 라이너스 바베큐 – Pure Happiness

I had heard many times about Linus BBQ in Itaewon from various food review apps and sites. The line is typically long for this place in the evening, so it was hard to get around to there. FINALLY ❤ Last … Continue reading

Kose Medicated Sekkisei – Emulsion

People have raved and raved about this on the Internet for some time as one of the best lotions out there.

Though it is a popular Japanese brands, even American sites like Allure and Cosmopolitan praise its magic. My friend Michiko picked it up for me on her last trip to Japan. She said she got it on sale – nice price for 35,000 won for this lotion! (Normally it seems to be in the 50 range)

All in all, I was surprised. The smell definitely gives it the “medicated” feel. As a result, my husband didn’t like it for that reason. I, on the other hand, am a fan. While it is light, it is also moisturizing. Appropriate for daytime use and now it is summer, so it still works well. (Unlike my other favorite – Guerrson creme – also popular these days but tooooo heavy for summer!)

The texture is light. I saw an improvement in my skin’s texture within three days.

I have applied it just now and I love this feeling.

Not sticky at all!

If you are sensitive to that “medical” smell, this product is not for you.

But all in all, I would recommend this product for all skin types, but ideal for combination skin.image





Free Sample Kit for Foreign Visitors <3

Click the link for the free kit! Available for foreigners/visitors in Seoul. ^^
KitCoconut KIT contains the samples and discount coupon for the popular cosmetic brand.

COCONUT KIT participating brands for July

Brand logo

Register for KIT(First, you need to enter your personal information. Then, you can receive KIT for free after showing your passport at the place of distribution.)

Major places for KIT distribution

Tourist Information Center at Incheon International Airport

Service time:
07:00 ~ 22:00 / Serviced language: English, Chinese, Japanese
In front of gate 5 and 10, 1st floor of passenger terminal of Incheon International Airport, 272, Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
Phone number:
032)743-3270, 743-3272

Tourist Information Center at Gimpo International Airport

Service time:
10:00 ~ 22:00 / Serviced language: Japanese, Chinese
76, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (Entrance gate on the 1st floor of Gimpo International Airport)
Phone number:
02) 2660-2486~7

Check location

Tourist Information Center at Myeongdong

Service time:
09:00 ~ 20:00 / Serviced language: English, Chinese, Japanese
181, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Phone number:
02) 778-0333

Check location

RAON storage for luggage at Hongdae

Service time:
9:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.(Monday – Thursday,Sunday) 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.(Friday,Saturday)
RAON storage, Floor B2, Gate 7 of Hongik University Station, 190-1, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Phone number:
070) 8884-1251

Frida Kahlo exhibit comes to Korea for the first time!


Frida Kahlo exhibit comes to Korea for first time

“I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint,” once said renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) describing at the same time her suffering and passion for painting.

Kahlo was born to a Hungarian German father and a mestizo mother in a suburb near Mexico City. She sublimated unbearable physical pain to create beautiful art. She suffered from polio when she was six and her right leg did not fully develop. It was far too thin and short compared to the other leg. She wanted to hide her right leg and always wore pants. She suffered another blow at 18 when she was involved in a traffic accident while taking a bus. Her spine was crushed and her hips were broken into three pieces. She had a total of 32 surgeries, including seven spine surgeries, during her life time.

Suffering from the pain of disability and from the traffic accident, she started to portray herself in her paintings. Lying on a bed, she painted the image of herself reflected in a mirror. Out of the 143 paintings she made during her life time, 55 are self-portraits. Dark, thick eyebrows, glaring eyes looking intensely to the front and red lips are typical of her self-portraits. Her physical pain and suffering are expressed in her self-portraits in a surrealistic manner.

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best,” she once said.

Frida Kahlo's 'Self-Portrait With Monkeys' (1943).

Frida Kahlo’s ‘Self-Portrait With Monkeys’ (1943).

The paintings made by world-famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo will now be shown in Korea for the first time. The Frida Kahlo exhibit will be held at the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA) at the Olympic Park in Songpa District in southern Seoul, from June 6 through September 4. The exhibition will present 70 artifacts, including Kahlo’s paintings, photographs and letters, as well as ten works by her husband, Diego Rivera (1886-1957), another major Mexican artist.

Six of Kahlo’s self-portraits will be shown at the exhibition. “Self-Portrait With Monkeys” shows the image of Kahlo with four monkeys clinging on to her. The monkeys symbolize four students she taught.

The relationship between Kahlo and her husband Rivera is projected as if it is a my thin the painting “The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl.” In the painting, Kahlo wears red and holds Rivera as if he is a baby. An Earth goddess holds them both in her arms.

Frida Kahlo's 'The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl' (1949).

Frida Kahlo’s ‘The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl’ (1949).

Twelve years after Kahlo started painting, her works were shown for the first time at a group exhibition at a university gallery in Mexico City. French Surrealist painter Andre Breton saw her works and was very impressed, making compliments, and this led her to international fame. In the same year, the Louvre Museum purchased one of Kahlo’s self-portraits, making her the first Latin American female artist whose work was shown at the Louvre. Kahlo also lived a life full of ups and downs. She later met Russian Communist theorist Leon Trotsky, sculptor Isamu Noguchi and photographer Nickolas Muray and fell in love with them all.

Due to the after effects of the traffic accident, Kahlo was constantly in and out of hospital. Despite a doctor’s warning, she took part in a demonstration along with Rivera to support the Guatemalan president and caught pneumonia. Kahlo passed away ten days later on July 13, 1954, as her husband Rivera stood by her side, ending a life of pain, love and hatred.


'Self-Portrait with Necklace'(top) and 'Diego on My Mind (Self-Portrait as Tehuana).'

‘Self-Portrait with Necklace'(top) and ‘Diego on My Mind (Self-Portrait as Tehuana).’

The works on display belong to the Jacque and Natasha Gelman Collection. They are possessions of the Vergel Foundation, based in New York. Kahlo’s works are considered some of Mexico’s national assets and are only now allowed to go abroad. The exhibit became possible after the Mexican government’s approval.

Entrance the exhibit costs KRW 13,000 for adults, KRW 10,000 for middle and high school students and KRW 6,000 for children. For more information, please visit the exhibit’s homepage (www.frida.kr) or call 02-801-7955.

By Limb Jae-un
Korea.net Staff Writer
Photos: Vergel Foundation

 Diego Rivera's 'Sunflowers' will also be shown at the exhibition.

Diego Rivera’s ‘Sunflowers’ will also be shown at the exhibition.

 Diego Rivera's 'Calla Lily Vendor.'

Diego Rivera’s ‘Calla Lily Vendor.’

아침고요수목원 – The Garden of the Morning Calm (가평)

For our anniversary, Jin and I went to ‘The Garden of the Morning Calm’.

I’m not 100% if that is the name in English, but that is roughly what it translates to.

This place had been recommended to me many times from my Korean students. Time to get out of the city and into nature.

It is located in Gapyeong, South Korea and from Sinchon – it took roughly 1 and a half hours to reach there. Many of you may know Gapyeong as it is famous for another location, Namisom. (ALSO AWESOME <3)image

Posing in the nature!


Tee hee – chilling by the sign!image

Well we had to take couple shots – it was our anniversary after all!


Nature!  Continue reading