Linus BBQ in Itaewon 라이너스 바베큐 – Pure Happiness

I had heard many times about Linus BBQ in Itaewon from various food review apps and sites.

The line is typically long for this place in the evening, so it was hard to get around to there. FINALLY ❤ Last week Alesia, her boyfriend and I got the chance to eat here. It was about a 45 minute to an hour to get inside. Worth it. So worth it.

First, they have “Crack Tea” here – which is like a sweet tea. Is it comparable to real sweet tea? No, but beggars can’t be choosers. The quest for sweet tea goes on.imageHere’s a shot of the menu. We got the set for 2-3 people. It has pulled pork, but we also ordered a side of ribs. We were concerned. Can we eat everything? Yes we can. Prices are listed as followed.imageHere is the pulled pork set in all its glory. THOSE MASHED POTATOES. WITH THAT GRAVY. That gravy is on point!
It’s better than homemade gravy. The meat is so tender as well. And I’m loving the beans. Originally I’m not a huge fan of vinegary coleslaw, but this was also yum.image imageI’ll just show it from all of the angles.image image imageTea with the lemon on top!image imageTHE RIBS. Also came with bread and two sides of your choice.image

This mac and cheese is top notich.image imageDEVOURED.aimageA fried pork rib for dessert.imageAs well as fried pickles for a dessert.imageMission accomplished.

I couldn’t stop smiling! I LOVE THIS FOOD! ❤

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