Today’s Strange Find: Charcoal Eggs? 참숮란


I picked up these bad boys at the local Lotte 999 mart. How could I ignore them? Black boiled eggs? I have to find out!

They were only about 1,500 won for two. (I guess some would consider that on the more expensive side)

I was surprised because the outside feels like a fine powder, but it doesn’t rub off on my hands. I peeled it open to find the egg inside is brown, similar to the ones you can buy at the sauna.

It seems these are baked over charcoal. See that white packet? Salt included.

It was delicious! Basically the same as a regular boiled egg, with a smokey aftertaste.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Strange Find: Charcoal Eggs? 참숮란

  1. Can you draw with them? Do they taste better than normal eggs? Would you decribe the smokey flavor similar to the smokey flavor you would taste in smoked cheeses such as gouda?

    …Why can’t America have fun and interesting things like this? -sigh-

    P.S. I’m taking Elementary Japanese this semester. Any games or apps for iPhone that can help me practice (free ones preferably). If I gave you money via paypal, could you buy me Japanese word books (you know how in grade school we would get letter books and we’d have to trace the letters over and over again to learn them? Something like that? I feel like you’d get your hands on something like that sooner than I ever would. XD)

    ❤ Tara

    • Hey! I’ll send a picture via Viber about the writing books to see if that’s what you mean. As for free Japanese apps, honestly I’ve been looking high and low for good ones (just last week even) but I haven’t one yet! The smokey flavor is quite hard to describe. Like the taste of being baked in a clay oven… if that helps. xD

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