Filming a Commercial for Home Shopping!

A few weeks back some friends and I filmed a commercial for the home shopping network.

We were advertising known as ‘Maqui Berry’ which is a friend of the Acai berry?

The taste and color is very similar!

So the crew came over to the cafe and we were to film our lines in our native language. One friend is American, another Japanese, and another French. Evan was the first to start below. He was pretty good and enthusiastic, so it’s hard not to laugh!image

In action!image

Chloe, from France, reading off her lines in French.image

Miki and I were filming our part of the commercial outside. Miki was soooo nervous all morning, but eventually she loved it.image

She snuck this photo practicing lines.image

They had Miki film outside of a Japanese restaurant to give it that ‘Japan’ feel. She loved it!image

They had me film in an open park to give it that ‘USA’ feel.

All in all, it took about 4 hours to film but we had fun chatting, acting, and making fun of ourselves. I’ll post the results soon!

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