A Visit to the Ostrich Farm! (Paju, South Korea)

Did you know there is an ostrich farm in Paju, not far from Seoul?

That’s right! It is called 우농농장 (Oo-nong Nong-Jang) http://koreatajo.com/

It was about 45 minutes away from my home in Sinchon. We went there on a Sunday afternoon, and there were only a few families there. I suppose the weather is still a little cold for people to be going outside, but the weather was great today!

They have ostriches for you to pet and feed, as well as various other farm animals.

After you meet the ostriches, you can walk to the small nearby restaurant… to eat them.

That’s right. You can also get fresh ostrich meat and eggs. Let’s take a look!

We walked into the entrance and this is what you can see.

Ostriches waiting to greet you.

Oooh, need to take that egg!

Very frightening up close.

More are waiting outside as well.

Look at these dinosaur feet!

In the front, you can buy different bags of feed for 1,000 won each. Here I am feeding the goats. I would have taken a picture feeding the ostriches, but it was frightening haha!

Hi cutie.


A baby!

They had some meerkats, but they were in hiding.

Goat Master



And ponies.

This was moments before the ostrich pecked the horse in the head. Oh my goodness.

He was jealous that we weren’t feeding him the lettuce so he attacked.




But now more importantly, the food … here it is. We had ostrich meat. Below you can see fried ostrich meat…

RAW OSTRICH MEAT! Drizzled with sesame oil and seeds!

Other menu options include an ostrich egg (50,000 won!?!) ($50) and bulgogi or shabu shabu. Of course it’s not cheap because it’s a bit exotic. I was surprised because I got a strange kind of energy from eating this meat.

The taste was not similar to chicken as I expected, instead it was red and tasted like beef. I might not be able to distinguish from beef except it was definitely leaner than beef.


One thought on “A Visit to the Ostrich Farm! (Paju, South Korea)

  1. Hi nice too know that u have ostrich farm there i need information about eggs for hatch in Pakistan if you have plz let me know that I want to buy big numbers of hatching eggs and try to interduce ur breeds in my local market my wattsapp no is 923006479391 thanks

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