Krispy Kreme – Pokémon Edition!

Jem here!

How cute are these Pokémon Donuts?

Despite Pokémon Go not being released in Korea (yet!?), I have seen promotions for all things Pokémon, including these sweet treats at Krispy Kreme!

I absolutely adore them!

I got a Pikachu and a Squirtle. The Squirtle was filled with strawberry jam!

They were available for 2,000 won each and 1,800 won for the Pokeball donuts!


Birthday Nails!

For my birthday, Kyndra took me out to get our nails done!
We wandered on Pinterest for a bit the night before to think about it. We both decided on tips with different colors. Instead of gel (because of the possible damage) we got regular polish but the results were beautiful and long-lasting!

We went to the salon located in the Ever 8 in Sinchon which I believe it was called Nail 8! Kyndra knew she wanted mint polish, but as most salons do, the variety of shades of mint make it difficult to choose.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but glitter tends to hide chipping, so I chose pink from the variety of glitter. Here we are modeling our hands!image




Baby Story


Jem here. Today I’d like to tell you about a very special story. For the past 41 weeks, I’ve been waiting for my first baby. I was getting a little impatient in those last two weeks, but Leilani Yeonhee Lim was born on May 13th at 2:42PM, 20.4 inches (52cm) and 10 pounds! (4.5kg) This is the first photo I took of her after she was born.image

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Bag !♡

I was so excited because I got a birthday care package from Mom! I was so surprised and happy because she knows exactly my taste! A few weeks back Kate Spade was having a super sale (which is awesome because usually these bags are $$$) and my mother got me this bag and a matching wallet!

It’s too beautiful for me! T____T I need to use it only on special days!
I’m in love!


Baby Shower

I had a baby shower on April 10th, 2016! For those who don’t know, I am expecting a baby on May 7th! I wanted to have a baby shower, but it is not a typical tradition here in South Korea.
Many people are unfamiliar with it.

Instead of a baby shower, many people celebrate 100 days after the baby is born. They invite some family over and take nice photographs. As far as I know, the reason this tradition exists is because a long time ago, infants had a high chance of dying within the first 100 days after birth. However, if they lived until 100 days, it was considered a blessing and that the child could surive. Even though it is an old tradition, we can still use it now. Many young women I know use this as a guideline for how long they should stay with the baby after birth. It’s a little over 3 months, so I think the timing is just right! Some return to work after this, or they remain on maternity leave for up to a year.

After 100 days, the next big celebration is the 1st birthday. I’ll think about throwing a party as well for my baby’s 1st birthday, but my husband is worried about the stress – haha! After all, any large gathering like that can be stressful when you’re planning it. XD

We had just a small baby shower in my house! Actually, it was a baby shower housewarming party as I had just moved into my new house two weeks before. So it was the first time to host guests as well.

I want to say thanks to my friends who made it great! And I received a lot of books – I think that’s a really awesome thing for the baby that I didn’t even think of! As well as a thermometer, cute headbands, clothes, an organic bib, and more! I promise to use them all well and try not to screw up as a Mom. xD

I’m a super beginner!

Alesia and I! As well as our other friends Kyndra and Bransen!image

Solo shot with Jill!image

Unfortunately, it was a VERY dusty day in the city that day. Maybe up to 200. T___T Wear a mask!image

With my long time friend Hae Jung! Auntie Hae Jung you look so happy hereeee!image

With our helper and friend Minjeong!image

We played Taboo and it looks like Jill is being sneaky here!image


We played a game where everyone had to put a plate on their head and draw (without looking of course!) what they think the baby will look like. First, I had to choose which one I like the best. Finally, I guessed who made which one. Bransen was the winner! image


In action!image



And of course, it’s a GIRL ❤ So we had pink and purple snacks!image

Cupcakes provided by Kyndra!image


Our first visitors and food! ❤image






Sorry for the long hiatus! I will try to update more and more as I get time. As many of you know, I run my own English Academy here in Seoul, so we’ve been busier than ever in January. A lot of people are interested in learning English from January! But more importantly, I’ve also been preparing my house as there is a little Jem on the way!

Officially it is a little girl!

Maybe on the blog as I find out about how to register for different things for international babies, I can share them with you so you have some information for the future. Also I need to get out there and enjoy some things before I’m homebound for a while lol! I’ll keep everyone updated! And I’ll try to get Alesia updating on here more!

Above is the current state of my house featuring our new crib!

모찌이야기 – Mochi Story in Hongdae

Do you love mochi? How about this little shop? ❤


Look at this cute little place! I’d like to tell you about Mochi Story, located between Hongdae and Sangsu stations. This is in an area next to another famous place, Ma Creme, which is also a favorite of mine. We had lunch and were looking for a quick snack.



Cute Japanese animation interior!


This guy was there – look at your choices so far… Tangerine Mochi or Kiwi Mochi!image

Being a couple. ❤


We settled on Grapefruit and Strawberry mochi. Strawberry IS THE BEST. NATURALLY. SO GOOD. I also like grapefruit as it is very juicy!!!

But nothing quite compares to strawberry, red bean, and mochi.



I also got blueberry which I enjoyed, but couldn’t compare to the others. I suppose because blueberries are less juicy. This little shop has changing choices every day, but the ones we saw were:

Tangerine Mochi, Kiwi Mochi, Strawberry Mochi, Grapefruit Mochi, Blueberry Mochi, Mango Mochi, and Peach Mochi.

Pretzel Pasta?


I got a set menu at a local pasta place in Ewha… couldn’t help but be surprised by this “pretzel pasta”. Is it good… is it bad?

Well sadly, because it’s chilling out in pasta, this pretzel was mushy. Though it looks nice, it tastes exactly like a mushy pretzel on pasta. Maybe not next time. xD