I got a haircut!


My wonderful go-to hair stylist Taekyung has unfortunately left her job at Juno Hair, so I have been looking for a new shop.

I was walking through Sinchon when I suddenly spotted ‘Elline Hair’ 엘라인헤어.

The cost was 15,000 for a woman’s basic cut. I’m down! I went in as soon as they opened so I waited about 10 minutes for them to prep. The actual cut was about 15 minutes and the stylist created this beautiful curl for me.

Why can’t I do this at home?

Anyway, I think I may have found my new place! They were friendly with reasonable pricing. I think in Sinchon you can get a decent price because this is an area for university students.


Krispy Kreme – Pokémon Edition!

Jem here!

How cute are these Pokémon Donuts?

Despite Pokémon Go not being released in Korea (yet!?), I have seen promotions for all things Pokémon, including these sweet treats at Krispy Kreme!

I absolutely adore them!

I got a Pikachu and a Squirtle. The Squirtle was filled with strawberry jam!

They were available for 2,000 won each and 1,800 won for the Pokeball donuts!


Birthday Nails!

For my birthday, Kyndra took me out to get our nails done!
We wandered on Pinterest for a bit the night before to think about it. We both decided on tips with different colors. Instead of gel (because of the possible damage) we got regular polish but the results were beautiful and long-lasting!

We went to the salon located in the Ever 8 in Sinchon which I believe it was called Nail 8! Kyndra knew she wanted mint polish, but as most salons do, the variety of shades of mint make it difficult to choose.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but glitter tends to hide chipping, so I chose pink from the variety of glitter. Here we are modeling our hands!image




Baby Shower

I had a baby shower on April 10th, 2016! For those who don’t know, I am expecting a baby on May 7th! I wanted to have a baby shower, but it is not a typical tradition here in South Korea.
Many people are unfamiliar with it.

Instead of a baby shower, many people celebrate 100 days after the baby is born. They invite some family over and take nice photographs. As far as I know, the reason this tradition exists is because a long time ago, infants had a high chance of dying within the first 100 days after birth. However, if they lived until 100 days, it was considered a blessing and that the child could surive. Even though it is an old tradition, we can still use it now. Many young women I know use this as a guideline for how long they should stay with the baby after birth. It’s a little over 3 months, so I think the timing is just right! Some return to work after this, or they remain on maternity leave for up to a year.

After 100 days, the next big celebration is the 1st birthday. I’ll think about throwing a party as well for my baby’s 1st birthday, but my husband is worried about the stress – haha! After all, any large gathering like that can be stressful when you’re planning it. XD

We had just a small baby shower in my house! Actually, it was a baby shower housewarming party as I had just moved into my new house two weeks before. So it was the first time to host guests as well.

I want to say thanks to my friends who made it great! And I received a lot of books – I think that’s a really awesome thing for the baby that I didn’t even think of! As well as a thermometer, cute headbands, clothes, an organic bib, and more! I promise to use them all well and try not to screw up as a Mom. xD

I’m a super beginner!

Alesia and I! As well as our other friends Kyndra and Bransen!image

Solo shot with Jill!image

Unfortunately, it was a VERY dusty day in the city that day. Maybe up to 200. T___T Wear a mask!image

With my long time friend Hae Jung! Auntie Hae Jung you look so happy hereeee!image

With our helper and friend Minjeong!image

We played Taboo and it looks like Jill is being sneaky here!image


We played a game where everyone had to put a plate on their head and draw (without looking of course!) what they think the baby will look like. First, I had to choose which one I like the best. Finally, I guessed who made which one. Bransen was the winner! image


In action!image



And of course, it’s a GIRL ❤ So we had pink and purple snacks!image

Cupcakes provided by Kyndra!image


Our first visitors and food! ❤image





K-POP Experience Program (FREE!)

Venue SMTOWN STUDIO (inside of the SMTOWN Coex Artium)
Address Coex, 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Date(s) 2015-08-17 ~ 2015-11-24
Time(s) Each session: 11AM-12:30PM (every Monday, Tuesday; one session per day)
Price Free
Program -K-pop dance lesson : 60 mins
(Instructor : A member of the professional choreography staff at SM Entertainment)
-Looking around SM TOWN STUDIO and taking photos : 30mins

K-pop experience program offered by the city of Seoul!

The city of Seoul presents a K-pop experience program designed to allow foreign tourists to enjoy K-pop more directly. It is a great opportunity to learn the newest hit K-pop dance choreography adapted for beginners and to visit the Hallyu star experience zone free of charge. We request the keen interest and active participation of tourists who love Hallyu.

[Program information]
○ Program schedule

– Period: Aug. 17 (Mon.) ~ Nov. 24 (Tue.), 2015 (Once daily on Mondays and Tuesdays)

–  Hours: 11:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM
○ Place: SMTOWN STUDIO at COEX Artium
○ Limit on the number of participants: 15 persons
○ Program details

– Newest hit K-pop dance class: 60 minutes
(Instructor: A member of the professional choreography staff at SM Entertainment)
– Duration of SMTOWN STUDIO tour and individual photo shoot: 30 minutes

[How to apply]

○ Eligibility: Any foreign tourists who visit Seoul
○ How to apply: Access the link below and submit your application
○ Application period: July 31 (Fri.) ~ Nov. 19 (Thu.), 2015
※ Please note that there may be an early closure for application. Participants will be selected by lottery and winners shall be notified by e-mail two weeks prior to participation in the program.
○ Participation fee: Free of charge

○ K-pop Experience Program Operation Office (Tourism Business Team, Seoul Tourism Organization)
– TEL : 02-3788-0823 (From overseas: +82-2-3788-0823)
– E-MAIL: hallyu@seoulwelcome.com

Kose Medicated Sekkisei – Emulsion

People have raved and raved about this on the Internet for some time as one of the best lotions out there.

Though it is a popular Japanese brands, even American sites like Allure and Cosmopolitan praise its magic. My friend Michiko picked it up for me on her last trip to Japan. She said she got it on sale – nice price for 35,000 won for this lotion! (Normally it seems to be in the 50 range)

All in all, I was surprised. The smell definitely gives it the “medicated” feel. As a result, my husband didn’t like it for that reason. I, on the other hand, am a fan. While it is light, it is also moisturizing. Appropriate for daytime use and now it is summer, so it still works well. (Unlike my other favorite – Guerrson creme – also popular these days but tooooo heavy for summer!)

The texture is light. I saw an improvement in my skin’s texture within three days.

I have applied it just now and I love this feeling.

Not sticky at all!

If you are sensitive to that “medical” smell, this product is not for you.

But all in all, I would recommend this product for all skin types, but ideal for combination skin.image





개미고기카페 (홍대) : Gaemi (Meat Cafe) in Hongdae

It’s Saturday night so you know what that means… MEAT! A friend of mine works at a meat restaurant known as Gaemi. Gaemi usually means ‘ant’ so I was confused about the name. He said in a certain dialect it … Continue reading

버터: 팬시리빙 플레이그라운드 – BUTTER : my new favorite place to shop

My friends and I standing in front of our new favorite store, BUTTER!

Where is BUTTER? Easier to find than you’d expect! Go ahead to Hongik University station and head towards exit 1.

Boom! There it is! It’s located in the subway before heading up the escalators. What a nice place!

It’s full of home goods that are just TOO CUTE. Many things are arranged by color theme.

Even better, the price is nearly everything is SO CHEAP!

I bought adorable candles for the low price of 2,900 a piece! Check it out!image


With our loot~!image

My juicer, candles, homemade soaps, tea…image

I wanted this too lolimage

To give you an idea some more…image

Organized by yellow things…image

I’m a teacher and I think I need these for my class. It’s HUGE! XDimage

imageIs this a squirrel rice scooper?

Omg. And check that price.

You need to get here stat! ^^

KOPITIAM: Singapore Toast Cafe

It’s a rainy day in Seoul and I was debating if I should head out to Myeongdong or not.

But on a Sunday AND on a rainy day, Myeongdong can be absolutely insane!

So I decided to just walk around my neighborhood in the Idae area. There’s been a little Singapore toast cafe which I’ve always been meaning to get to. Today was finally the day! I wandered in and ordered some toast.


Business card on the table shot!


I ordered the Kaya toast (3,500 won) and the Kopitiam Coffee (very sugary, creamy coffee). Actually the coffee was fantastic, but the toast was just good. It wasn’t fantastic, but I think it’s a great little snack. Mostly I love the atmosphere in this place.

They have a very diverse menu.image


Some shots of the interior.image

I’m happy to have some ‘me-time’ on this rainy day! ❤image