Long time no date!

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

Phew, my life has been a total whirlwind. I opened a cafe in Sinchon, and since then, it feels like moving nonstop. For the first time in a long time, I finally had some quiet time with my man. ❤

We wandered to Hongdae for some brunch, and on a windy day like today … I could totally feel the autumn atmosphere. How gorgeous are the leaves!?


We wandered down a little road we’ve never found before…image

Yes, my face is derpy but as I mentioned it was super windy lol So this is trying to keep my eyes openimageWe stumbled on to a gorgeous street flower shop!


Wow!!! Soooo nice! So my husband and I decided to buy these maroon flowers – they definitely have an autumn feel to them.image

One bunch for 5,000 won.image

Happy girl with flowers!image

Then we stopped at Snow Spoon for a snack. Loving the remodeling they did on the second floor! Very luxurious!image

And necessary ice cream shot.imageFinally nice to take a rest! ❤