Kakao Milk?

Look at this adorable milk! Buy 2, get one free! 1,500 won per milk.

So ALL the milk for me! Who is your favorite Kakao character?

Mine is Apeach and Ryan just like shown here. ❤


모찌이야기 – Mochi Story in Hongdae

Do you love mochi? How about this little shop? ❤


Look at this cute little place! I’d like to tell you about Mochi Story, located between Hongdae and Sangsu stations. This is in an area next to another famous place, Ma Creme, which is also a favorite of mine. We had lunch and were looking for a quick snack.



Cute Japanese animation interior!


This guy was there – look at your choices so far… Tangerine Mochi or Kiwi Mochi!image

Being a couple. ❤


We settled on Grapefruit and Strawberry mochi. Strawberry IS THE BEST. NATURALLY. SO GOOD. I also like grapefruit as it is very juicy!!!

But nothing quite compares to strawberry, red bean, and mochi.



I also got blueberry which I enjoyed, but couldn’t compare to the others. I suppose because blueberries are less juicy. This little shop has changing choices every day, but the ones we saw were:

Tangerine Mochi, Kiwi Mochi, Strawberry Mochi, Grapefruit Mochi, Blueberry Mochi, Mango Mochi, and Peach Mochi.

오스틴 Austin : American BBQ in Seoul!

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개미고기카페 (홍대) : Gaemi (Meat Cafe) in Hongdae

It’s Saturday night so you know what that means… MEAT! A friend of mine works at a meat restaurant known as Gaemi. Gaemi usually means ‘ant’ so I was confused about the name. He said in a certain dialect it … Continue reading

Original Chicago Pizza♡

Kyndra and I went on a pizza adventure yesterday!

After a long wait, FINALLY ❤ we got to try the Original Chicago Pizza. It’s located between Hapjeong and Hongdae station, and it’s quite a famous place. Here’s a link to the restaurant’s site:


I’ll start off with a little snapshot we took on the street! (This is post-pizza-eating-deliciousness)


MENU! As you can see, it runs about 20,000 won for an 8-inch pizza – 6 slices. There were two of us, and yes – we ate all six slices. They do have another size up for 40,000 won a pie.

As it states, it takes about 20 minutes to come out.image

We also got beverages – Kyndra had a Chicago Orange Beer and I tried the Citronade. (I have a bit of a cold now… trying to fight it off!)image


This is fried eggplant with garlic aioli sauce. Very nice when hot! It has a bit of cayenne pepper on it?image



Check out the close-up. YES FINALLY.image

Cheese bomb.image

My happy face making the magic happen.image

Gooey, gooey cheese.image

If you upload a photo of your experience to Instagram or Facebook, you can receive a “milk pudding” for free.image

And our picture of course for evidence!

After that, we took a walk to Sang Sang Madang. If you are unfamiliar with this place, on the first floor, they have a little shop filled with many unique things.

Including this little guy here:


Adorable robot lamp!


And this notebook which doubles as a pillow. Perfect if you are thinking about slacking off in class.image

Tested and approved.image

Then we went all the way over to Chocolatyum (which I mentioned in last week’s post as well) SO CUTE! I’m surprised because the selection had changed from the last time. More delicious things to try. I got two walnut pies and a strawberry tart.image

Kyndra got a strawberry cake to bring to her mother-in-law. ^^image

Strawberry is the big thing here… ALL the strawberries!!imagePooh cookie,,,? *giggle giggle*

A delicious adventure in Hongdae!

Saturday Night!

Sometimes Alesia, Bransen (the guy in the photos – and you may see him in other photos! He’s another friend from Hawai’i!) and I go out on Saturday nights for either crazy or mild fun. It was FREEZING on this night, we are talking so cold you feel it in your bones … so we turned in early.

However that didn’t stop us from having bingsu…image

Just some pretty lights outside of Hongik University’s gate.

We went to Mies Container – one of the most delicious places to eat pizza. NOMS. They have a very industrial concept, so they give you a little hardhat when you order.image

Hellz yes… NUMBA 1~!image

We ordered garlic fries as a little appetizer… they are not messing around with the garlic. GOD Now I need to brush my teeth!image

Lemon Beer – only 3,500! Yum! That has freshly squeezed lemon.image

Bacon potato pizza. Enjoy its glory. I believe the price is 17,000 for the pizza.image

Afterwards, I had a sweet craving and we impulsively ran into a little bakery called chocolatyum.

Look at these cute cookies! But I didn’t get a picture – they make an awesome little pecan pie.image

After we bought the goodies, we went for tea and dessert at Solbing. 설빙! Bransen and I!

imageAnd Alesia… as you can see, we are bundled up!

Good times, but I wish it was warmer! When is spring on its way!?

A night out in Hongdae♡

Alesia and I had a nice night out in Hongdae… I don’t know how we had the energy, but we were dancing nonstop from 10PM to 3AM at our favorite bar, Zen.

Zen is technically a bar, but you can dance in there like a club. What I like about this place is the music. Often when I go to a “club”, it’s full of music I have no idea about.

This one plays popular music. Prices for drinks are also not bad.

We usually order Gin and Tonics for 5,000 won a glass.

In these pictures, we were pre-gaming at Bonjour Beer. ㅋㅋㅋㅋimage



Long time no date!

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

Phew, my life has been a total whirlwind. I opened a cafe in Sinchon, and since then, it feels like moving nonstop. For the first time in a long time, I finally had some quiet time with my man. ❤

We wandered to Hongdae for some brunch, and on a windy day like today … I could totally feel the autumn atmosphere. How gorgeous are the leaves!?


We wandered down a little road we’ve never found before…image

Yes, my face is derpy but as I mentioned it was super windy lol So this is trying to keep my eyes openimageWe stumbled on to a gorgeous street flower shop!


Wow!!! Soooo nice! So my husband and I decided to buy these maroon flowers – they definitely have an autumn feel to them.image

One bunch for 5,000 won.image

Happy girl with flowers!image

Then we stopped at Snow Spoon for a snack. Loving the remodeling they did on the second floor! Very luxurious!image

And necessary ice cream shot.imageFinally nice to take a rest! ❤

Girls’ Night Out in Hongdae

Our friend Sarah came from Hawai’i! Of course, we had to celebrate.

“Sarah, what do you want to do?”


Yes, we enjoyed some nightlife fun out in Hongdae during the weekend. Sarah, Alesia, and Jem … go go go! We were off to our favorite bar, Zen. Here are some random photos from the event. Hard to take photos in a club so there’s only a few! ❤

It was so fun~~~ *^^*