Black Burns (Black Ice Cream)

Black Ice Cream? A refreshing treat in the summertime. Any guess what flavor it could be?

Black Burns ice cream is located near Ewha Womans University. It’s a tiny shop with various drinks and ice creams, but their signature is the black ice cream and the twister.

They even gave me an option for the cone color – black cone or red cone. For a little contrast, I chose red.

The taste is like sweet grains – comparable to the Korean 미숫가루 (sweet soybean powder) flavor.

More about Misutgaru …

It was delicious! There is no place to sit really, so you’ll have to stand outside.

BLACK BURNS on Mango Plate

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Lotus Ice Cream in Jeonju Hanok Village


Fantastic Lotus Ice Cream – only here in the world? I found this ice cream from a street vendor in Jeonju Hanok Village. (전주한옥마을) It was located on the main street in the Jeonju Hanok Village, located on the right side. Let’s try it!

3,000 won happiness.imageWow, it’s a lot! I was already full so why did I try eating this…?

Anyway, it was quite delicious! It tastes like French Vanilla or pure vanilla bean ice cream. Not a hint of ‘plant’ taste or anything like this.

Would you try it? Have you ever tried an exotic ice cream flavor?