Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack – seeing is believing!

Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack

Ladies, let me talk about this. I found this pack by Mediheal in the front of Olive Young in Shinchon listed under “favorites”. I do like to do a hair pack from time to time, so I decided to make the purchase.

These usually run 5,000 won but it was on sale for 3,500. 

I had no expectation. It’s just a hair pack right…?

My goodness! I LOVE IT. It’s a total new favorite. When you put it on your head, it creates a warming sensation after about 5 minutes. It looks exactly like the cartoon drawing on the front. I shampooed my hair and put it on. I left it on my head for 20-25 minutes and rinsed with cold water. No need to add conditioner.

My hair was silky smooth. It washed out well and I was pleasantly surprised by the baby powder aroma. I smell clean and lovely. It tamed my flyaways and I felt like I was in a shampoo commercial. It made my hair completely cooperative. (Not a fluke – I’ve used it more than once at this point!) The sad part is… I had nowhere to go that day. No one saw my beautiful hair but it happened.

I now do one before special events in the morning to manage my hair.

LOVE IT. My favorite product find in 2016! 


Birthday Nails!

For my birthday, Kyndra took me out to get our nails done!
We wandered on Pinterest for a bit the night before to think about it. We both decided on tips with different colors. Instead of gel (because of the possible damage) we got regular polish but the results were beautiful and long-lasting!

We went to the salon located in the Ever 8 in Sinchon which I believe it was called Nail 8! Kyndra knew she wanted mint polish, but as most salons do, the variety of shades of mint make it difficult to choose.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but glitter tends to hide chipping, so I chose pink from the variety of glitter. Here we are modeling our hands!image




Beauty Story : Drinkable Beauty from Olive Young



I’m always skeptical about these kind of products, but the longer I live in Korea, the more I love them.

Drinks and jellies that promise to make me beautiful. I was browsing Olive Young the other day with Alesia and picked up a pack of these drinkable beauty …shots?

Let’s take a look!image

The one which I purchased is a pomegranate concentrate promised to give me moist skin. In one pack, (available for 3,900 won – roughly 4 USD) you get three bottles of the drink. The recommended serving is 3 bottles per day. (Really?!)


I’ll admit – it tastes like a mix between pomegranates and cherries.


I was reading the serving size but also noticed another thing … in Korean does that say … oyster concentrate? 20 kcal per bottle!


Here are one of the individual bottles. So I tried it… and wow, very strong. I diluted this bad boy halfway with water. It was much better this way. Plus ice. Makes it refreshing. xD

imageAs you can see, it’s also a cherry color.

They have three varieties of these beverages.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.13.11 PM

Time to get beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.13.27 PM

The first is drinkable collagen in the dark pink bottle. We want to look young so we use this one! It says it contains blueberries as the primary ingredient.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.13.42 PM

Here is the one I drank – Hialosan? What is that!? But I tried it anyway. The main ingredient here is pomegranate. This one is for improving your skin.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.13.56 PM

The last one is for your diet! The main ingredient is apple. Perhaps it has a detox effect…?

Are you curious about this product? Available only at Olive Young!