Lobster Almonds?

What is this craziness?

I did not try… haha.

Lobster-flavored Almonds anyone?


Black Burns (Black Ice Cream)

Black Ice Cream? A refreshing treat in the summertime. Any guess what flavor it could be?

Black Burns ice cream is located near Ewha Womans University. It’s a tiny shop with various drinks and ice creams, but their signature is the black ice cream and the twister.

They even gave me an option for the cone color – black cone or red cone. For a little contrast, I chose red.

The taste is like sweet grains – comparable to the Korean 미숫가루 (sweet soybean powder) flavor.

More about Misutgaru …

It was delicious! There is no place to sit really, so you’ll have to stand outside.

BLACK BURNS on Mango Plate

Click above for more information and photos!

백설참외 – White Korean Melon?

I picked up this little guy at the Hyundai supermarket.

It is a kind of melon which is normally yellow. The melon is called a 참외, or chamoe.

I was surprised to see a white one! So I bought it for 4,000 won ($4USD) and ate it up. The result? Though a Korean melon tastes more like a melon/pear hybrid to me, this one was more like a cucumber. Interesting. Even my husband tried it for the first time.

From Wikipedia: The Korean melon or chamoe (참외), following its Korean name, is a type of melon primarily grown in Korea. The fruit is typically about half-foot (15 cm) long and weighs slightly over 1 pound (0.45 kg). It has smooth, oblong with white stripes that run the length of the fruit.It has white flesh that is juicy and sweet, and the seed cavity is filled with small white seeds. Although most Korean melons marketed is yellow in color, there are variant cultivars of green or ivory colors. The flavor has been described as a cross between a honeydew melon and a cucumber. The fruits are usually eaten fresh; with its thin rind and small seeds, the melon can be eaten whole. 


We’re feeling fancy – one night in Apgujeong! The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo

We decided to have a night out in Apgujeong to do our nails and have a nice dinner.

Colleen joined us in the evening and we went on a hunt for a good restaurant. We usually refer to Mango Plate to find good places – but each place we checked was absolutely packed. (1 and a half hour wait!) so we walked around a bit. It was a cold night but we stumbled upon this nice place: The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo.

We knew it was fancy when we walked in and they took our coats. We took a look over the menu and though this restaurant is a bit more luxurious than others, the prices were not. 25,000 won for a meat pizza? Well, a lot of other places might have a similar price. But the alcohol was pricey. Since we were feeling fancy, we ordered a bottle of Moscato for 50,000. They kept it chilled on ice and poured it for us when needed. The servers were very attentive.


The complimentary bread. The left side is old, and the ride is a kind of anchovy pesto.

We ordered the bruschetta as an appetizer. This was my favorite. This ricotta! How amazing! The sweet and tart cherry tomatoes worked in perfect harmony with the lightly-oiled cheese. The bread was not hard and crunchy – a bit of a fight to bite off a piece but it was also perfect.

This shot was necessary. I mean, we paid for that fancy bottle, we need evidence! XD

Pomodoro with a glob of fresh mozzarella on top. Sugared cherry tomatoes were also scattered about in the pasta. So this is what al dente tastes like. Very nice!

Our meat pizza. I can’t remember the exact Italian name but it was good, but I still preferred the bruschetta.

For dessert(s), a chocolate lava cave with a tiny mountain of whipped cream that was delightfully fluffy. At first Alesia panicked and thought it might be ricotta on chocolate cake. Thankfully it wasn’t…

And Creme Brulee with fresh seasonal fruit for Colleen who is in love with it. Don’t you love to hear that little ‘tok’ sound?

We finished off with some hand drip coffee at a nearby cafe. What a fancy night!

Today’s Strange Find: Charcoal Eggs? 참숮란


I picked up these bad boys at the local Lotte 999 mart. How could I ignore them? Black boiled eggs? I have to find out!

They were only about 1,500 won for two. (I guess some would consider that on the more expensive side)

I was surprised because the outside feels like a fine powder, but it doesn’t rub off on my hands. I peeled it open to find the egg inside is brown, similar to the ones you can buy at the sauna.

It seems these are baked over charcoal. See that white packet? Salt included.

It was delicious! Basically the same as a regular boiled egg, with a smokey aftertaste.

파퍼스케틀콘 Poppers Kettlecorn in Hongdae

image My new favorite place! Poppers Popcorn in Hongdae! A great brand of kettle corn hiding in the corner around Hongdae. “The best kettle corn in town … maybe.”imageVarieties! They have both large and small bags. Depending on the flavor, the prices vary. The most i paid for a large bag was 6,000. imageGotta get my hands on the sour cream and onion. My favorite!image We’ve got cheddar cheese, cinnamon, coconut … see those boxes on the top? YOU CAN TASTE THEM TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT ❤image imageGreen Tea anyone? I ended up buying Sour Cream and Onion and PUMPKIN. Yup. Pumpkin. My least favorite is Cinnamon. Not feeling it. Come here and try them all!image

Original Chicago Pizza♡

Kyndra and I went on a pizza adventure yesterday!

After a long wait, FINALLY ❤ we got to try the Original Chicago Pizza. It’s located between Hapjeong and Hongdae station, and it’s quite a famous place. Here’s a link to the restaurant’s site:


I’ll start off with a little snapshot we took on the street! (This is post-pizza-eating-deliciousness)


MENU! As you can see, it runs about 20,000 won for an 8-inch pizza – 6 slices. There were two of us, and yes – we ate all six slices. They do have another size up for 40,000 won a pie.

As it states, it takes about 20 minutes to come out.image

We also got beverages – Kyndra had a Chicago Orange Beer and I tried the Citronade. (I have a bit of a cold now… trying to fight it off!)image


This is fried eggplant with garlic aioli sauce. Very nice when hot! It has a bit of cayenne pepper on it?image



Check out the close-up. YES FINALLY.image

Cheese bomb.image

My happy face making the magic happen.image

Gooey, gooey cheese.image

If you upload a photo of your experience to Instagram or Facebook, you can receive a “milk pudding” for free.image

And our picture of course for evidence!

After that, we took a walk to Sang Sang Madang. If you are unfamiliar with this place, on the first floor, they have a little shop filled with many unique things.

Including this little guy here:


Adorable robot lamp!


And this notebook which doubles as a pillow. Perfect if you are thinking about slacking off in class.image

Tested and approved.image

Then we went all the way over to Chocolatyum (which I mentioned in last week’s post as well) SO CUTE! I’m surprised because the selection had changed from the last time. More delicious things to try. I got two walnut pies and a strawberry tart.image

Kyndra got a strawberry cake to bring to her mother-in-law. ^^image

Strawberry is the big thing here… ALL the strawberries!!imagePooh cookie,,,? *giggle giggle*

A delicious adventure in Hongdae!

Red Kiwi?

Have you ever heard of a red kiwi?

Since moving to Korea, I had tried ‘Gold Kiwi’ (which is delicious <3) and now I finally got around to trying out the red kiwi. They were on sale at my local market, so I decided to take some home and make some juice.

The ones I had seemed to be pretty ripe. They weren’t as red as the package. XD





Get in the blender guys! There are about 4 here.image

The juice is delicious! I should have blended it a little bit more. As for the taste, it’s just a little bit sweeter than a regular kiwi. Nice! I’ll make some again tomorrow. image

Bonus fact: Red kiwi has twice the amount of Vitamin C as a regular kiwi! Enjoy!