A Visit to the Ostrich Farm! (Paju, South Korea)

Did you know there is an ostrich farm in Paju, not far from Seoul?

That’s right! It is called 우농농장 (Oo-nong Nong-Jang) http://koreatajo.com/

It was about 45 minutes away from my home in Sinchon. We went there on a Sunday afternoon, and there were only a few families there. I suppose the weather is still a little cold for people to be going outside, but the weather was great today!

They have ostriches for you to pet and feed, as well as various other farm animals.

After you meet the ostriches, you can walk to the small nearby restaurant… to eat them.

That’s right. You can also get fresh ostrich meat and eggs. Let’s take a look!

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Namisom (남이섬) – My First Visit!

This past Chuseok holiday, we decided to leave early (Friday – actual Chuseok is on Monday) to take a little trip around Korea. We decided to just go without a plan. Last New Years, we had made a sudden plan to go to Jeju Island and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken!

Because the trip was so last minute, we didn’t make any plans. We just flew to Jeju, picked up our rental car, and we were on our way with a guidebook. It was fantastic! Traveling without a set plan made me feel completely relaxed. Just go where you want to go. See where the road takes you.

So we decided to go for the same idea this time around. We got in our car on Friday and headed on the road. We stopped first at Mario Outlet (located at Gasan Digital Complex station) for a little bit of shopping – but we were overenthusiastic….We ended up spending all day there. Now it was 8PM and we hadn’t even left Seoul!

So we said let’s just drive! Namisom is only an hour and 30 minutes from Seoul, so we went for a drive. We arrived around 11PM, so we looked around for some pensions. We settled into ‘Su’ Pension and started our adventure the next morning…


A foggy morning and the nice view from our pension window.


Sweet FRESH AIR ❤image

“Honey, don’t fight me. Take a picture!”image

Let’s start with lunch. We had 숮불닭갈비 … grilled spicy chicken with some 막국수 – a type of cold noodles. The Makgugsu was fantastic! So fresh! However, I was underwhelmed by the chicken.imageLooks good anyway.

imageJust a short walk from the restaurant was the entrance to Namisom! Welcome welcome!


Do you want to build a snowman?

I don’t have any photos, but we took the ZIPLINE on to the island. For two people, we paid 70,000 won for the zipline. It was fun, but too short! MOREEEE! I felt the wind in my hair! They have a section where you can buy your photos, but we didn’t take a look. I’m sure it’s not looking that cute lol


Welcome to the island!


I see signs of fall here…



….ostriches? Wow, did you know they have some crazy feet?imageOstrich selfie. I appreciate that he also looked at the camera…


My man and an ostrich.image

I was also instagramming along the way.


Not only selfies~!imageA nice, quiet place…

imageCouple shot!


The magical squirrels of Nami Island.image

Snack time – lamb skewers!image

My man participating in his favorite activity.image

I put him in jail for it.image

We found this totally awesome kids cafe!!! 대박!imageSecret little cubby holes for reading!



A fountain!image


Ring the bell and make a wish!image


Why these leaves look like a heart…imageThe official bank of Nami Island? Naminara!



Just some posing with nature!image

Bye bye Nami Island! ❤