A Visit to the Ostrich Farm! (Paju, South Korea)

Did you know there is an ostrich farm in Paju, not far from Seoul?

That’s right! It is called 우농농장 (Oo-nong Nong-Jang) http://koreatajo.com/

It was about 45 minutes away from my home in Sinchon. We went there on a Sunday afternoon, and there were only a few families there. I suppose the weather is still a little cold for people to be going outside, but the weather was great today!

They have ostriches for you to pet and feed, as well as various other farm animals.

After you meet the ostriches, you can walk to the small nearby restaurant… to eat them.

That’s right. You can also get fresh ostrich meat and eggs. Let’s take a look!

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백설참외 – White Korean Melon?

I picked up this little guy at the Hyundai supermarket.

It is a kind of melon which is normally yellow. The melon is called a 참외, or chamoe.

I was surprised to see a white one! So I bought it for 4,000 won ($4USD) and ate it up. The result? Though a Korean melon tastes more like a melon/pear hybrid to me, this one was more like a cucumber. Interesting. Even my husband tried it for the first time.

From Wikipedia: The Korean melon or chamoe (참외), following its Korean name, is a type of melon primarily grown in Korea. The fruit is typically about half-foot (15 cm) long and weighs slightly over 1 pound (0.45 kg). It has smooth, oblong with white stripes that run the length of the fruit.It has white flesh that is juicy and sweet, and the seed cavity is filled with small white seeds. Although most Korean melons marketed is yellow in color, there are variant cultivars of green or ivory colors. The flavor has been described as a cross between a honeydew melon and a cucumber. The fruits are usually eaten fresh; with its thin rind and small seeds, the melon can be eaten whole. 


Birthday Nails!

For my birthday, Kyndra took me out to get our nails done!
We wandered on Pinterest for a bit the night before to think about it. We both decided on tips with different colors. Instead of gel (because of the possible damage) we got regular polish but the results were beautiful and long-lasting!

We went to the salon located in the Ever 8 in Sinchon which I believe it was called Nail 8! Kyndra knew she wanted mint polish, but as most salons do, the variety of shades of mint make it difficult to choose.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but glitter tends to hide chipping, so I chose pink from the variety of glitter. Here we are modeling our hands!image




모찌이야기 – Mochi Story in Hongdae

Do you love mochi? How about this little shop? ❤


Look at this cute little place! I’d like to tell you about Mochi Story, located between Hongdae and Sangsu stations. This is in an area next to another famous place, Ma Creme, which is also a favorite of mine. We had lunch and were looking for a quick snack.



Cute Japanese animation interior!


This guy was there – look at your choices so far… Tangerine Mochi or Kiwi Mochi!image

Being a couple. ❤


We settled on Grapefruit and Strawberry mochi. Strawberry IS THE BEST. NATURALLY. SO GOOD. I also like grapefruit as it is very juicy!!!

But nothing quite compares to strawberry, red bean, and mochi.



I also got blueberry which I enjoyed, but couldn’t compare to the others. I suppose because blueberries are less juicy. This little shop has changing choices every day, but the ones we saw were:

Tangerine Mochi, Kiwi Mochi, Strawberry Mochi, Grapefruit Mochi, Blueberry Mochi, Mango Mochi, and Peach Mochi.

개미고기카페 (홍대) : Gaemi (Meat Cafe) in Hongdae

It’s Saturday night so you know what that means… MEAT! A friend of mine works at a meat restaurant known as Gaemi. Gaemi usually means ‘ant’ so I was confused about the name. He said in a certain dialect it … Continue reading

버터: 팬시리빙 플레이그라운드 – BUTTER : my new favorite place to shop

My friends and I standing in front of our new favorite store, BUTTER!

Where is BUTTER? Easier to find than you’d expect! Go ahead to Hongik University station and head towards exit 1.

Boom! There it is! It’s located in the subway before heading up the escalators. What a nice place!

It’s full of home goods that are just TOO CUTE. Many things are arranged by color theme.

Even better, the price is nearly everything is SO CHEAP!

I bought adorable candles for the low price of 2,900 a piece! Check it out!image


With our loot~!image

My juicer, candles, homemade soaps, tea…image

I wanted this too lolimage

To give you an idea some more…image

Organized by yellow things…image

I’m a teacher and I think I need these for my class. It’s HUGE! XDimage

imageIs this a squirrel rice scooper?

Omg. And check that price.

You need to get here stat! ^^

Neogen 네오젠 – Facial Cleanser


I went to Olive Young and was intrigued by this cleanser. It has five grain rice in the bottom! Actually, they had several varieties including green tea, cranberry, blueberry… I had to choose the best one for my skin type. Tough call. I ended up choosing the five grain rice and trying it out. I took some photos in the beginning, but I’ve been using it for 3 weeks.

The cost of one is about 13,500 won.

I’m sad to report that I’m not satisfied with this face wash. It’s just fancy looking foam soap. I saw no improvement in my skin and my man was also using it as well with no result.
Back to our favorite one instead – Perfect Whip!
I’ll be writing about that soon!



Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack

I can’t think of a product I’ve wanted to recommend more in a long time!
I bought this Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack on a whim after finding it on sale for 11,500 won (at Boon’s in Myeongdong).

It usually runs for 25,000 won but I’ve found it on sale quite a lot. However, 11,500 won was the lowest I had ever seen. I got it because I had heard it was quite effective so for that price – why not give it a shot!?

WHAT A GOOD SHOT. BECAUSE – this is the product I’ve been waiting for!

I have such an issue with dry skin. I drink ALL the water, I apply ALL the moisturizer, but my skin is like nope, nope, nope. That’s why I turned to doing mask packs every day. But these days, I don’t have much time for them.

Applying this before bed helps you to wake up with moist skin. Applying it before my makeup makes my skin supple and absorb the makeup well. And lastly, applying it gently OVER my makeup freshens my look during the day (without messing up my makeup!)

i’ve been using it for roughly a week and I haven’t had a single “bad skin day” all week.

it’s a jelly material as it mentions and it is lightly fragranced. I hardly notice a smell, but it doesn’t have a sweet one. It comes with a little paddle to break into and apply the jelly. The jelly reforms itself after you scoop it.






Today’s Word: 한계 (limit, limitation)

한계 限界
limit(s), limitation(s)      
한계에 이르다

reach the limit 

한계에 이르다

be at the breaking point 

한계를 극복하다

overcome the limitations 

인간 능력의 한계에 도전하다

challenge the limitations of human abilities.

스스로 한계를 정하지 마라

Do not set limits for yourself

그는 자신의 한계를 깨닫고 그 일을 포기했다

He gave up the work realizing his limits

내 인내심도 한계에 다다랐다

I have reached the end of my rope[patience; tether.

내 인내심도 한계에 다다랐다

My patience is wearing thin.