A Visit to the Ostrich Farm! (Paju, South Korea)

Did you know there is an ostrich farm in Paju, not far from Seoul?

That’s right! It is called 우농농장 (Oo-nong Nong-Jang) http://koreatajo.com/

It was about 45 minutes away from my home in Sinchon. We went there on a Sunday afternoon, and there were only a few families there. I suppose the weather is still a little cold for people to be going outside, but the weather was great today!

They have ostriches for you to pet and feed, as well as various other farm animals.

After you meet the ostriches, you can walk to the small nearby restaurant… to eat them.

That’s right. You can also get fresh ostrich meat and eggs. Let’s take a look!

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We’re feeling fancy – one night in Apgujeong! The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo

We decided to have a night out in Apgujeong to do our nails and have a nice dinner.

Colleen joined us in the evening and we went on a hunt for a good restaurant. We usually refer to Mango Plate to find good places – but each place we checked was absolutely packed. (1 and a half hour wait!) so we walked around a bit. It was a cold night but we stumbled upon this nice place: The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo.

We knew it was fancy when we walked in and they took our coats. We took a look over the menu and though this restaurant is a bit more luxurious than others, the prices were not. 25,000 won for a meat pizza? Well, a lot of other places might have a similar price. But the alcohol was pricey. Since we were feeling fancy, we ordered a bottle of Moscato for 50,000. They kept it chilled on ice and poured it for us when needed. The servers were very attentive.


The complimentary bread. The left side is old, and the ride is a kind of anchovy pesto.

We ordered the bruschetta as an appetizer. This was my favorite. This ricotta! How amazing! The sweet and tart cherry tomatoes worked in perfect harmony with the lightly-oiled cheese. The bread was not hard and crunchy – a bit of a fight to bite off a piece but it was also perfect.

This shot was necessary. I mean, we paid for that fancy bottle, we need evidence! XD

Pomodoro with a glob of fresh mozzarella on top. Sugared cherry tomatoes were also scattered about in the pasta. So this is what al dente tastes like. Very nice!

Our meat pizza. I can’t remember the exact Italian name but it was good, but I still preferred the bruschetta.

For dessert(s), a chocolate lava cave with a tiny mountain of whipped cream that was delightfully fluffy. At first Alesia panicked and thought it might be ricotta on chocolate cake. Thankfully it wasn’t…

And Creme Brulee with fresh seasonal fruit for Colleen who is in love with it. Don’t you love to hear that little ‘tok’ sound?

We finished off with some hand drip coffee at a nearby cafe. What a fancy night!

Baby Story


Jem here. Today I’d like to tell you about a very special story. For the past 41 weeks, I’ve been waiting for my first baby. I was getting a little impatient in those last two weeks, but Leilani Yeonhee Lim was born on May 13th at 2:42PM, 20.4 inches (52cm) and 10 pounds! (4.5kg) This is the first photo I took of her after she was born.image

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Baby Shower

I had a baby shower on April 10th, 2016! For those who don’t know, I am expecting a baby on May 7th! I wanted to have a baby shower, but it is not a typical tradition here in South Korea.
Many people are unfamiliar with it.

Instead of a baby shower, many people celebrate 100 days after the baby is born. They invite some family over and take nice photographs. As far as I know, the reason this tradition exists is because a long time ago, infants had a high chance of dying within the first 100 days after birth. However, if they lived until 100 days, it was considered a blessing and that the child could surive. Even though it is an old tradition, we can still use it now. Many young women I know use this as a guideline for how long they should stay with the baby after birth. It’s a little over 3 months, so I think the timing is just right! Some return to work after this, or they remain on maternity leave for up to a year.

After 100 days, the next big celebration is the 1st birthday. I’ll think about throwing a party as well for my baby’s 1st birthday, but my husband is worried about the stress – haha! After all, any large gathering like that can be stressful when you’re planning it. XD

We had just a small baby shower in my house! Actually, it was a baby shower housewarming party as I had just moved into my new house two weeks before. So it was the first time to host guests as well.

I want to say thanks to my friends who made it great! And I received a lot of books – I think that’s a really awesome thing for the baby that I didn’t even think of! As well as a thermometer, cute headbands, clothes, an organic bib, and more! I promise to use them all well and try not to screw up as a Mom. xD

I’m a super beginner!

Alesia and I! As well as our other friends Kyndra and Bransen!image

Solo shot with Jill!image

Unfortunately, it was a VERY dusty day in the city that day. Maybe up to 200. T___T Wear a mask!image

With my long time friend Hae Jung! Auntie Hae Jung you look so happy hereeee!image

With our helper and friend Minjeong!image

We played Taboo and it looks like Jill is being sneaky here!image


We played a game where everyone had to put a plate on their head and draw (without looking of course!) what they think the baby will look like. First, I had to choose which one I like the best. Finally, I guessed who made which one. Bransen was the winner! image


In action!image



And of course, it’s a GIRL ❤ So we had pink and purple snacks!image

Cupcakes provided by Kyndra!image


Our first visitors and food! ❤image





모찌이야기 – Mochi Story in Hongdae

Do you love mochi? How about this little shop? ❤


Look at this cute little place! I’d like to tell you about Mochi Story, located between Hongdae and Sangsu stations. This is in an area next to another famous place, Ma Creme, which is also a favorite of mine. We had lunch and were looking for a quick snack.



Cute Japanese animation interior!


This guy was there – look at your choices so far… Tangerine Mochi or Kiwi Mochi!image

Being a couple. ❤


We settled on Grapefruit and Strawberry mochi. Strawberry IS THE BEST. NATURALLY. SO GOOD. I also like grapefruit as it is very juicy!!!

But nothing quite compares to strawberry, red bean, and mochi.



I also got blueberry which I enjoyed, but couldn’t compare to the others. I suppose because blueberries are less juicy. This little shop has changing choices every day, but the ones we saw were:

Tangerine Mochi, Kiwi Mochi, Strawberry Mochi, Grapefruit Mochi, Blueberry Mochi, Mango Mochi, and Peach Mochi.

Pretzel Pasta?


I got a set menu at a local pasta place in Ewha… couldn’t help but be surprised by this “pretzel pasta”. Is it good… is it bad?

Well sadly, because it’s chilling out in pasta, this pretzel was mushy. Though it looks nice, it tastes exactly like a mushy pretzel on pasta. Maybe not next time. xD

Today’s Strange Find: Charcoal Eggs? 참숮란


I picked up these bad boys at the local Lotte 999 mart. How could I ignore them? Black boiled eggs? I have to find out!

They were only about 1,500 won for two. (I guess some would consider that on the more expensive side)

I was surprised because the outside feels like a fine powder, but it doesn’t rub off on my hands. I peeled it open to find the egg inside is brown, similar to the ones you can buy at the sauna.

It seems these are baked over charcoal. See that white packet? Salt included.

It was delicious! Basically the same as a regular boiled egg, with a smokey aftertaste.

Asiana Air Sues to Keep Facial Hair Policy that Applies Only To Koreans

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What do you guys think about this? I think it does seem a bit unfair, but the policy was already in place. So the pilot violated the policy. Comment with your thoughts here!

Asiana Air Sues to Keep Facial Hair Policy that Applies Only To Koreans

South Korea’s Asiana Airlines is pretty serious about employees not sporting facial hair on the job. Yonhap reports today say the company has filed suit against the Korean National Labor Relations Commission in a fight to keep the policy in place.

Fair enough, the New York Yankees have had a no facial hair policy for decades as part of their brand image strategy. And while we can debate whether that’s fair or not, the core controversy surrounding the the Asiana policy is that it applies only to Korean employees.

According to company regulations, male workers at Asiana are forbidden from having facial hair–unless they are foreign born.

Last year, a Korean-born pilot took a stance against the regulation and came to work unshaven. His resistance escalated to the point that he refused the direct order of a company executive to shave.

The pilot was subsequently suspended 29 days for not lathering up.

He later took his case to the Korean National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) and last month they ordered Asiana to compensate the pilot for the hours lost.

South Korea’s 2nd largest carrier is now fighting back; not only against the ruling, but the no facial hair policy as well, which it feels is within its rights to implement.

Asiana Files Suit to Have Ruling Lifted

According to the Yonhap report, the company has filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Administrative Court calling on the NLRC to revoke its ruling that called for the airline to pay 3.2 million won ($2,765) in compensation to the suspended pilot.

Yonhap also reported that Asiana has no qualms with the nature of the no facial hair policy. The report quotes them as saying that “the nation’s human rights watchdog earlier determined there was nothing wrong with the company’s move and dress code.”

It was, however, just two years ago that Asiana finally surrendered its long-standing “no pants” policy for female flight attendants following a hard fought battle with the country’s National Human Rights Commission over what was then called a discriminatory dress code.

Where it stands and where it will go is up for speculation. Prevailing winds suggest that the airline might likely be fighting another losing labor battle.

Regardless of your feelings on this issue and whether private enterprise has the right to set standards for appearance, it is interesting to note that nearly all of Korea’s most cherished historical heroes wore beards.

They would have never been able to work for Asiana. Or play for the Yankees.